Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Coren Interview

It must have been a bitter pill to put on a dog and pony show about Catholicism to fill his wallet.

The content of his admission indicates he's been living a doozy of a lie.

I often wonder if someday there will be a similar post at "Catholic and Enjoying It" or the Patheos crowd.

Coren must have been doing a lousy job as a Catholic journalist. In his farewell, he conflates the Eucharist with services where Transubstantiation does not take place. It was all the same to him.

Here's the question of the day: Why does the Catholic media known for their fidelity continue to employ individuals who are off of the reservation?

I don't get it.

Here, Catholic World Report expresses they employed him for a once-a-month column and admits they knew he was a mediocre theologian.

Here's the stupidist thing you'll read on the internet today:

Second, Coren is a good journalist and a fine communicator, but he is a mediocre theologian

Can anyone kindly explain what 'good' comes from a journalist they know is theologically misleading their readers?

Do they believe the entertainment is worth losing a few souls there and there?

Does it even enter their mind that stewing the poorly catehized in lousy theology is contrary to the purpose of our service to Christ as evangelists?

They certainly didn't do Coren any favors.

I don't mean to pick on Catholic World Report. This phenomenon has infested Catholic journalism. They have forgotten their first Love.

Educated Catholics are flocking to Pewsitter, ChurchMilitantTV and blogs to read finely-tuned, sound theology.

When a journalist discloses a flaw, the role of the apostolate employing him includes the casting of the net. That becomes more important than the deadlines and publication. A soul is floundering.

The last thing you do is publish his drivel for years because his drivel influences the uncatechized.

If there is an element of surprise when he tips his hat and says farewell, it is a conviction that your heart and mind and soul are not focused on the right things as an evangelist.


Emmanuel said...

“Among most large U.S. religious groups, majorities support capital punishment: white Catholics (59%) express support for the death penalty.”
"For the rule of law, the death penalty represents a failure, as it obliges the state to kill in the name of justice. … Justice can never be wrought by killing a human being. … With the application of the death penalty, the convict is denied the possibility of to repent or make amends for the harm caused; the possibility of confession, by which a man expresses his inner conversion, and contrition, the gateway to atonement and expiation, to reach an encounter with God's merciful and healing justice."

Pope Francis

Are you following Pope teachings ?

TTC said...

Not when he contradicts the Catechism, as in the case of the death penalty, adultery and Sacramental theology.

Hesketh said...

Coren changes religious affiliation as often as I buy a new car. I've only seen this guy go after Moslems in interviews with Robert Spencer. I've never paid him any mind as regards the RC Faith. He's truly a lightweight, a pygmy John Henry Newman in reverse. I expect when the Moslem populations increase in the next 10 years, he'll decide that submission to Allah is the true path.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Emmanuel challenged Carol, "are you following pope teaching"? What Pope Francis wrote regarding the death penalty is not legitimate teaching but heresy. Some food for thought:

Joe Potillor said...

Well, he won't be receiving Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament...

Joe Potillor said...

Well, he won't be receiving Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament...

cermak_rd said...

The problem is that to most Catholics, the real Presence has been reduced to a de fide teaching that you can feel you've received the "body, blood, soul and divinity" of Jesus when you receive the Eucharist. Well, you can feel the same thing if you go to an Episcopalian Eucharist. Most of the service is identical to an OF Roman Catholic mass. Additionally, many Episcopalian churches offer confession, some offer Eucharistic adoration, etc. The only reason Anglican communion masses are considered not to have the real presence is because of a change in the wording of the ordination service. But when was the last time you heard the Pope or really anyone talk about that?

Anonymous said...

Restore-DC Catholicism, Francis is not the ultimate culprit. All he's doing is expanding the arbitrary, revisionist approach toward capital punishment that "Saint" John Paul II initiated. Benedict, ostensibly a theological "conservative," did absolutely nothing to contradict that revisionism.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

As I recall Evangelium Vitae, I don't believe Pope John Paul II ever referred to capital punishment as immoral and unacceptable. While he made his personal opinions known (regretably), he did restate that the Church does condone its use. That is a key point. Pope Francis contradicted that and all the other previous pontiffs, setting himself in dissidence to Church tradition.