Thursday, May 28, 2015

What to do when you feel like saying something heretical.

I think we may finally be getting to the bottom of the little problem we have in Rome.

A few days ago, the Holy Father made an announcement that he felt like saying something heretical. And then, he went right ahead and said it.

Let's examine what happens in the intellect when we have a thought in our brain that could be construed as heretical.

The word processor in the cerebellum struggles with talking points that feel and sound heretical.

1. Keep working through vocabulary and syntax until there is no confusion about the message.
2. Find another topic.
3. You firmly shut your piehole.
4. Keep your mouth shut.

You don't say it, especially when you are a Pope!


Anonymous said...

Lie down until the urge goes away, or call Heretics Anonymous to speak to a fellow recovering heretic.

JB said...

He is clearly not very concerned with the concept of heresy. This is what happens when you try to separate orthodoxy from orthopraxis; you end up with the one world feel good "church" and everyone belongs and it doesn't matter what you do, say or think. Unless you like the Latin mass.

Ever mindful said...

The best advice, should you ever find yourself in this situation, is .....
..... .