Thursday, June 25, 2015

CDF reportedly affirms Medjugorje 'seers' are full of baloney.

Great news on the alleged CDF findings on Medjugorje.

They are reportedly confirming the seers are frauds. The findings are not insignificant. The faithful are banned from participating in the fraudulent simulation of the Blessed Mother's appearance and the seers are banned from reporting or publishing the "messages".

This is huge. The 'seers' will be forced over the barrel of disobedience.

The reported basis for this finding is crackpot theology in some of the messages which makes it impossible to be from the Blessed Mother, the money-making schemes they have going and the disobedience to the local bishop.

The CDF is reportedly suggesting pilgrimages not be banned because people can go there to pray in Church. Cardinal Meuller is not a stupid man, so I am guessing he knows the ramifications of flying past Fatima and Lourdes where pilgrims can obtain miracles. I am guessing they felt this would mitigate hysteria while waiting out the seers to hang themselves.

I think this is a brilliant plan.