Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Another day, another insult bordering slander

I just could not get into the weeds of Pope Francis accusation that gun manufacturers are unChristian.

Meanwhile, he is acting gaga for communists, tyrants and murderers of the innocents.


Maybe he's grooming us for an encyclical about wearing shoes and fur coats as he is shoving heresies down our throats.

The big picture of ambiguity and a show about nothing for the moral leader of the world is not resonating with anyone. He is rambling on like the rest of us instead of assuming his role as a Pope and it is noticeable even to the uncatechized:

The inconsistency is unmistakeable. To bomb a railway, you need bombs. Somebody has to make them, but now he's saying the people who do such work are not practicing Christian beliefs.

This week, the Pope has not sounded analytical. He has sounded exasperated and frustrated by the world condition, and more than a little bitter.

In other words, Pope Francis sounds like most of us. The problem is that he is not like most of us. He's the Pope...

The last thing the Roman Catholic Church needs is a dull, disengaged Pope. The second-to-last thing it needs is a Vatican version of Jerry Springer or Donald Trump.

I am sorry if that sounds irreverent, which it does, but that is because I am getting exasperated and frustrated, too, and a little nervous as well. An outspoken, spirited Pope who takes an up-front leadership role has tremendous potential for good, not just to the church but the world as well.

That ancient principle - when you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing nobody. Christ gave it even more clarity. You are neither here nor there and I will spit you out of my mouth.


Michael Dowd said...

Our dear Pope is making lots of "messes" isn't he? And the worst part he doesn't seem to realize what he is doing to undermine his own credibility. Perhaps reviewing DSM V would help. But prayer certainly will help Pope Francis and ourselves withstand the craziness of these seemingly daily occurrences.

Anonymous said...

The man in a moral and intellectual idiot. Period.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that old Boston pal Jay Severin had an outstanding segment on his show entitled The "Marx Brothers Pope". What a horror that the most orthodox discussion of being Catholic these days comes from a non-Catholic.

Anonymous said...

He's definitely NO Pope Benedict or Saint John Paul ii, I'd like to say we were spoiled but those 2 Popes are what's a Pope is supposed to be. Prayers yes, that he doesn't do too much damage before he retires.

Consolamini said...

well, he's our Pope and I love him. You Go Francis!!!

Michael Dowd said...

Very good Mr. Consolamini. Yes, love him but also please pray very hard for him. The big issue for us is we don't like where Francis is going.

Joe Potillor said...

May his retirement be early, and Cardinal Burke or Ranjith take his place. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Distilled down, he keeps repeating the same theme: "I didn't want the job, and I'll be dead soon, so what do I care what happens?"