Monday, June 15, 2015

Dear Children Attending Catholic School...

Have you read the letter written by a group calling themselves "Concerned Parents"?

Are these the same parents

Dear children,

When we were growing up in Catholic school, children who wanted to put their hands down the pants of the kid sitting next to them were bullied into shame and silence. Not having a sex partner led to sitting at home all alone feeling despair and smoldering in anger. Now, Catholics schools are filled to the rafters with families proudly celebrating sleeping around and in vitro fertilization and in no way do your teachers or priests or pope tell you that these circumstances have obstructed you from Heaven--a new and blessed change!! Now, a bishop is coming along to tell you misuse of human sexuality is evil!! Do not listen to him. Listen to the teachers who are boldly explaining that mercy and love is when you are taught not to listen to Church teaching!

You have to be 50 cents short of a dollar to lure your children into this tripe.

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