Tuesday, June 16, 2015

There are no stinkin pinkies here. Move along.

Pope Francis blasted Catholics labeling his rhetoric about money 'communism'. They are only showing concern for the poor - that's all. It's unfair to say people who care about the poor are communists.

I guess it's never occurred to him that people calling what he's doing communism actually care about and for the poor too--some of them even poor themselves.

Sometimes I get the feeling he thinks before he showed up, nobody cared for the poor.

He must know it isn't advocacy for the poor that convicts him of socialism, its the specific strategies he suggests. It was his constant shilling for the virtues of dysfunction that leaves one penniless and his incitement of contempt for people who study in school and go to work. The class warfare. His going gaga for Cuban communist dictators and tyrants did not help his reputation. It is his abandonment of moral theology and the distribution of Sanctifying Grace - turning the church into a social service agency.

Christ blasted Judas when he tried to turn our mission into the proprietorship of the poor and warned him that first and foremost is the mission of salvation which we have all yet to see in this papacy.


Anonymous said...

It would a good time time to read the book "Communism and the Conscience of the West" by Fulton J. Sheen, 1948. The statements made in this book are coming to life in front of us in real time.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm being pickie but I have more of a problem with this Pope describing the Mass and the Miracle of Transubstansiation was Co-substantiation. I get what he's trying to say or imply by Christ being our Bread but Christ doesn't come down from Heaven and become bread. Maybe it's Francis's simplistic explanation again - why doesn't he teach !

Michael Dowd said...

There are various ways of dealing with the poor: ignore, help,or use. In Pope Francis' case it sure appears that the third alternative applies. He is using them for his socialist political purposes and he in turn will be used for political purposes by others, others who wish to overturn the Church's moral teaching and establish a one world government. Say it isn't so Francis, say you are not a wolf in sheep's clothing.

JB said...

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a bad pope. The bad news is it will get worse before it gets better. The good news is his mask has come off: he tells us lies. He says the gospel is about material, economic poverty. All Christians know this is a lie.

I have the gravest concerns about this person.

Michael Dowd said...

JB has it right. Let us pray for Pope Francis' soul and that his reign will end soon.

TTC said...


"He says the gospel is about material, economic poverty. All Christians know this is a lie.

I have the gravest concerns about this person."

The simplicity of your post really hit home for me.

Anonymous said...


TLM said...

Exactly JB.....what this Pope is proclaiming is not only 'non Catholic' it is absolutely 'non Christian' period. I keep waiting for him to clear up all of his wrongly 'interpreted' statements. The truly scary thought is that these are not 'wrongly interpreted' at all. The truly scary thought is that he means exactly what he says. God help us.

Gregory Maximus said...

Well quite frankly Christ tells His Catholic Church to Baptize all Nations and save souls not build up a world government on fake climate change.

JB said...

Thanks Carol, I never dreamed I'd be writing something like that but it is that bad, and I stand by it. I actually started to read this non-infallible document today and it's worse than I thought. He refers to the planet as a "she" -- as if it is a mother. Diabolical disorientation jumps off the page and very quickly. I heard some cardinal on the Catholic Channel spouting some nonsense about how we have three great relationships in life: one with God (true), one with our neighbor (true), and one with the earth (false).

I have no relationship with an inanimate object. I thank God for his creation, but it is not alive as we are. It has no soul. It will ultimately be destroyed one way or the other. It is here for our benefit, not vice versa.

TTC said...


He refers to the earth as the pronoun of a gendered person?

Anonymous said...

Actually, in Catholic teaching, all living things have souls, just not immortal souls. And terra is female gendered in Italian and Spanish, from which the Pope's Latin text would have been derived. It's probably not a Gaia plot.

Anonymous said...

Well, he is speaking Italian, after all. Earth is grammatically feminine in most if not all European languages. For some reason the English translators were slavishly literal in this case when normally one would use "it." I'm sure they realized how inflammatory it would be for English readers. Basically they were trolling and you took the bait.

Anonymous said...

TTC, this is the 1st paragraph of Laudato Si from the Vatican website

1. “LAUDATO SI’, mi’ Signore” – “Praise be to you, my Lord”. In the words of this beautiful canticle, Saint Francis of Assisi reminds us that our common home is like a sister with whom we share our life and a beautiful mother who opens her arms to embrace us. “Praise be to you, my Lord, through our Sister, Mother Earth, who sustains and governs us, and who produces various fruit with coloured flowers and herbs”.[1]

JB said...

There are repeated, non-poetic references to the earth as a "she." That is straight out of New Age Central. It also opens by saying we are not lords and masters of the earth, which is inconsistent with God's command to subdue the Earth in Genesis. We didn't need an encyclical to tell us that dumping poisonous chemicals in the water is wrong. Every normal person already knew that.

There is also barely any reference to Jesus.

It's whacky. I'm listening to a commentator say how it will make her think twice when walking past the meat department of her local grocery store.

Michael Dowd said...

Below is the introductory paragraph to a very well written and informative article on the subject encyclical by Christopher A. Ferrara.

"The New Catholic Church: Paper, or Plastic?

"In keeping with the evolutionary eschatology of Teilhard de Chardin, Pope Francis attempts to fashion yet another post-conciliar novelty in the Church: a call to “ecological conversion,” which requires a subtle demotion of man to merely a part of the natural world."


Anonymous said...

The Headline in Pewsitter says : Judas preach the poverty gospel too"

What a bunch of NONSENSE.

And it is proof that people can twist anything into what they want it to be.

Sad world!

TTC said...

What exactly do you find nonsensical about comparing Judas's focus with Pope Francis?

Judas was the first apostle to try to make the gospel about money for the poor.

I din think you understand what is so offensive and disturbing about this papacy and why. Maybe that is because you don't want to understand.

Byzcat said...

I know this sounds obvious, but the poor are not this monolithic mass of people that we must serve. What is poverty in China is different than what is poverty in America or South America, or in other parts of the globe. How does one measure poverty? The poverty of a miser is different and, perhaps greater than the poverty of the materially poor. Are we talking about material destitution when we speak of poverty? In America, there are many materially poor people who are much better off than many of the small farmers in Asia, who are locally not considered poor.

The works of mercy encompass both temporal and spiritual works. Is someone poor who is materially challenged but spiritually rich? This emphasis on the poor misses the bigger picture. There is terrible moral and spiritual poverty in this world, and a darkness much greater than mere material poverty. I worked for 9 years in a homeless shelter in the Chicago area. I discovered that the vast majority of the homeless (who are considered poor), were drug or alcohol addicted, mentally ill, or a combination of both. I would say, in most cases, that it is spiritual poverty that leads to systemic material poverty.

This Pope seems intent on conflating material poverty with virtue, but that is certainly not the case. I have met many poor, selfish, nasty creatures, and not a few wealthy, generous, caring individuals. Pope Francis is locked in his modernist, liberation theology prejudice while the real poor, those starving for Christ, are left to be ravaged and eaten by wolves.

TTC said...

What enrichment from my readers and commenters. We are so blessed!

JB said...

Byzcat has it exactly correct. Francis thinks people with no money, no property and nothing material are saints. It just isn't so. Some maybe, yes. But most, no. Same with materially rich people. It's case by case basis.

He exhibits the provincial arrogance of an Argentine who is probably still mad England crushed that country at the Falkland Islands war. Lots of ego, authoritarian.

The Church will survive..

JB said...

You younger folks out there have to remember that England (i.e., the West) absolutely humiliated Argentina in the 80s in the Falklands. And Argentines are a ferociously proud, emotional people. I really do think his inherent ignorance of free market capitalism, combined with Argentina being a 2d world mess humiliated in his lifetime in a big way, formed him. I don't see him canonizing Margaret Thatcher any time soon though she -- far more than Francis - - helped to lift people out of material poverty.

Francis should stop talking about this world and start talking about the next.

thatch said...

Hey Francis, how about proposing this strong, brilliant woman for something? Remember her?


TTC said...

What he said about homelessness and alcohol and drug addictions is right on the money. A few years ago I tried to get a homeless pregnant woman into a shelter. The intake woman said matter of fact, that she had to be clean. I asked her how she knew drugs were involved and she said they are all on drugs. I which makes sense if you really look at them ir talk to them. And of course mental illness is also a cause.

Anonymous said...

Francis has stated time and again, he doesn't want the job...he sounds like a disgruntled employee who seeks to destroy the company he begrudgingly works for from within. Unfortunately we don't seem to have the corporate option of having security escort him off the premises to stem our hemorrhaging Catholic morale

StevenD-Jasper said...

a Bishop finally speaks up, and the terrible Patheos Catholic bashes him:


Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous at 9:03

Not for one minute would I believe that Francis doesn't want the job, he loves the spot light and the ability to feign humility. He was put in this position for a reason and operated exactly as expected.

What I would believe is that he seeks to destroy his employer.

Anonymous said...

You should be ashamed of yourself so what I hear is true you don't publish comment that don't agree with your line of thinking.

You should not be allow to have a blog.

TTC said...

I shouldn't be allowed to have a blog. LOL..

Anonymous said...

I find comments in the Patheos interesting, specifically this one

"Calling people names and sneering at their ill-trained kids is no way to make them feel attracted to feed at trough of Catholicism; it makes no friends for Christ Jesus. It drives them away."

Perhaps Elizabeth Scalia could take that advice and send it in Pope Francis' direction!
You know so the Pope could tone down the

- Rosary Counter
- Sourpuss
- Rigid Christian
- Mr and Mrs Whiner
- Self-absorbed, Promethean neo-Pelagian!
- etc etc etc


Michael Dowd said...

Hey Carol. Keep on blogging, we need you. Here's a theme song for you: Like it? Who cares? That's what I'm gonna do.

TTC said...

Hahahaha! Great theme song Mike!

Anonymous, I read something written by Scalia the other day and all I could think was, how do people have the stamina to read the woman on a regular basis, she is a spiritual imbecele.

St. Corbinian's Bear said...

Re: the Falklands War. Actually, Argentina humiliated the UK until the British nuclear sub arrived and sank the General Belgrano, a rather predictable end game. Argentinian pilots proved skillful, and gutsy while raining devastation on the Royal Navy's highly flammable aluminum superstructure ships. (Nasty French arms dealers must have caused the war by selling Argentina Exocet missiles.) The loss of General Belgrano (an old ex-US cruiser) was accompanied by great loss of life and demonstrated decisively why Second World powers cannot prevail against First World powers. It was a foolish venture on the part of the Argentinians. One does wonder how the Falklands War rattling around in Pope Francis' psyche plays out.

JB said...

I think it just compounded his existing envy and contempt for the West. We have a president who hates the West, and a pope. Terrible combination. But it will end soon.

Anonymous said...

A different perspective, not from a leftie: