Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Heretic Kasper Gets Second Chance to Lead Catholics Into Temptation at Pope Francis Synod

This is not really a surprise. Why would they get this close to the opportunity of destruction and execute it at their age?

I thought you would enjoy this doozy of a story.

First of all, have you noticed they are trying to portray the mission of the Church from conversion to clapping you into the arms of the devil?

The Church’s role, it says, is to accompany families

If that isn't nutty enough, wait until you get a load of this:

as Christ did with the disciples on the road to Emmaus.

This is the road Peter used to run away from Nero like a chicken and he came upon Christ who was heading into Rome. Peter asked Christ where He was going and Christ said he was heading into Rome to be crucified again. Peter realized what he was doing and returned to Rome to be crucified.

They are trying to twist the story of Christ into some kind of cheap companion.

How about doing your job and accompanying our children to the Catechism and Sanctifying Grace?


Anonymous said...

Blasphemers! Horrid, horrid men.....certainly not Catholics....the prospects are terrifying...why would a bunch of creepy old men promote such deadly ideas? They are the Enemy's agents ...they know what they are doing ...they are Christ's enemies ...and a Catholic who is authentic must refuse them and tell them to their face.

WHAT WICKED, WICKED MEN THEY ARE!!!!! Possessed by evil spirits and willingly so!

"When a priest is corrupted he becomes the worst and speediest agent for social decay." Cadinal Ottaviani

These are terrible terrible times esp. for the Church ...everyday there is some new anxiety to face with the present Pontiff ...who could have thought things could deteriorate at this speed ..in just over 2 years....my God.

Kyrie eleison!



Anonymous said...

All anyone needs to do to advocate for the blather coming out of the Vatican is join one of the 40000 Prot churches; but that is not good enough. The One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church must be razed in order to justify the diabolic disorientation of the world.

I just read the headlines from Rome and shrug, this is more than ridiculous.

Found a great article on how to deal with the current situation in the church and not lose my mind, and soul over at BCJ.

Personal Sanctity — all that is left in a World without God


Despite living in the Archdiocese of Boston we are blessed to have so many blogs to help deal with the current situation in the church and, of course, archdiocese.

TLM said...

In this so called 'working document' for the upcoming and final 'Sin-Odd' it includes phraseology like: 'Responsible Parenthood', and 'Limiting Family Size'....LOL......can anyone say 'Population Control'??? Hmm....where was that idea thinly disguised, I wonder.....could it have been the 'Laudato Sii' that we have not yet finished digesting, and was so applauded by all the masonic atheists world wide?? How convenient, and what a coincidence, eh???

.....just sayin