Monday, June 8, 2015

Straining the Gnat

Parents should not let children use computers in their bedrooms, the pope has said, while warning of the dangers of internet ‘filth’.

This is very good advice.

But it is much more important for a Pope not to let apostates in our parishes and classrooms, wouldn't you say?


Anonymous said...

It would be even more important for the Pope to sell some of the billions that the Vatican owns in stocks, bonds and other financial vehicles, and use some of the proceeds to help persecuted Christians around the globe, regardless of whether they're in communion with Rome.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be better if he helped change the governments that cause the persecution and poverty in other countries?

When all the money from selling off Vatican assets is depleted, then what? The persecution would continue as long as the source of the persecution remains intact.

In any event, when the pope says something like this, I can't help but think:

1. he isn't all that intelligent,

2. he thinks we're not all that intelligent that we wouldn't pick up on his obvious contradictions, or

3. he is so blinded by his ideology, he doesn't realize he is a bundle of contradictions.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous of June 9 at 1:10 p.m.: The Vatican doesn't have to impoverish itself. All it has to do is to sell some of its assets. Christians being persecuted are suffering immense privation: in some cases, neither food nor housing. They can't wait until governments are changed. Besides, if this Pope really wants to change governments, then he should stop pussy-footing around Islam and confront that immoral "religion" head on.

Anonymous said...

Two other things to consider:

1.Any Pope would have made the same plea, if we're really honest.

2. Sometimes, people who are overwhelmed by major issues will concentrate on minor ones to reassure themselves that they have some balance of control. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if Francis is overwhelmed by his papal responsibilities. He appears to be, at heart, a simple man with not a lot of intellectual or moral sophistication.

Anonymous said...

Could not the same comment about the "Vatican's billions" be said about

- Joel Olsteen
- Creflo Dollar
- Joyce Meyers
- Jim Hagee
- Benny Hinn
etc etc etc

Q: Why don't the prosperity gospel preachers buy less expensive planes and help out Christians?
A: Because you are just here to bash the Catholic Church.

TTC said...

Oops, sorry I let the apostate slip through the cracks. I generally out these comments and their author into the trash where he belongs.

Excellent responses, thank you!

St. Corbinian's Bear said...

The Bear thinks the Pope is talking about him. Does that make him paranoid?

+1 on the Holy Father possessing a modest intellect.

TTC said...

Bear, it wasn't bad advice was it?!!! He has some good ideas! If he wasn't passing out crack pipes to children while telling their parent they should keep their children away from dangerous filth, we would all feel our children were safer.

JB said...

Let's put it this way. The difference between someone with the intellect of a Pacelli or a Ratzinger, and someone with the intellect of Bergoglio, is like the difference between the Boston Celtics and a high school basketball team.