Saturday, June 13, 2015

If you are a pagan and don't pray, send me your gyrations.

"Pray for me, and if some of you can't pray because you are not believers, send me good vibrations,"

Whatever floats your boat and causes your gyrations, spread it around to others.

If you don't pray, you've got yourself some vibrations all right. Why he would want them is a mystery.


Michael Dowd said...

My reaction below taken from:

"Bad Vibes
meaning all uncomfortable, uneasy, unsafe feelings. Bad vibes were those cautious "stay away, don't do it, don't trust it, watch out, be careful, keep on your toes" instincts that alerted us that something was not okay.
he gives me bad vibes"

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you are too funny.

TTC said...

LOL. Keeps me sane. There is plenty of material!