Saturday, June 13, 2015

This ought to liven things up.

Decision on Medjugorje a few months away.

Matt Abbot has a great round up.

He quotes a Vatican source:

In recent weeks, a source informed me that the Vatican commission has concluded that the reported apparitions are not supernatural in origin, "but because of the publicity surrounding [them] and the potential chaos that could result from the announcement, the authorities in Rome are sitting on it for now."

I also have a source who confirms the announcement will be the shenanigans and charades are not supernatural. Any discussion on facebook about the matter substantiates their fears of hysteria.

I just can't get over the number of people thinking the announcement is going to be about making it a National Shrine.

Forget about the priest who impregnanted a nun and the houligans of the 'seers'--Are they not unable to process the hammer swinging from the CDF

Don't they have a relationship with the Blessed Mother? Do they think she would sound like a broken record?

"Little children"

"I am your mother"

"You are my children"


"Thank you for having responded to my call".

Christ left us a Church that provides us a daily message from the Gospel.

It's half past time for the Holy See to crush the head of this serpent.


Anonymous said...

My speculation is a lot of folks faith will be challenged, not to mention the cottage industry of Medjugorje pilgrimages, if the visions are ruled false. The only thing that is allowed to be criticized these days are faithful Catholics and their beliefs.

Medjugorje 1
Catholics 0

Michael Dowd said...

Perhaps the Vatican will treat Medjugorje announcement like the third secret of Fatima and simply let the failure to endorse it's legitimacy be the answer for awhile.

Personally I would prefer a statement stating clearly what the Vatican believes and not mickey mouse around with it. But whatever the Vatican does there is sure to be an uproar and folks leaving the Church.

Dymphna said...

The show will go on.