Monday, July 13, 2015

Pope to study US critics - let's give him plenty of homework.

“I heard that there were some criticisms from the United States. I must begin studying these criticisms, no?” he said. “Then we shall dialogue about them.”

With all due respect, we have already heard more than enough dialogue.

How about you go down to the Vatican library and ask for the section documenting four decades of ordaining gay men who slept with their lovers and told generations of children it's ok so long as they help the poor.

Bring a mirror with you.

After you're done reading the tears of parents who have lost their children to the demonic propaganda while the Vatican did nothing, and ask yourself what kind of a shepherd would tell these families to listen to the theology of Cardinals who told them to sleep with their lovers.

Ask yourself how you'd feel about a shepherd who came along and instituted the papacy of the booty call as the fix.

Then look in the mirror.

If we never heard another word of dialogue about these ideas, it would be too soon.

Just stop robbing our children with the appointment of heretics, heresy and communism.


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Anonymous said...

Start being a Catholic and not a communist.

Anonymous said...

The Pope has assured us that "he" is not offended by that dirty commie blasphemy gift from the Grand Pig-Dung of Bolivia.
What about the offense against GOD! No mention of God?

Would any Tenth Crusader bring that blasphemy into your home? NO!

How long will the Vatican suffer that dirty trash?

Pope Francis - stop dialoging- go to the john and flush the blasphemy down the toilet.

Anonymous said...

He's a Jesuit which means he will dialogue, dialogue and dialogue to give the appearance that he actually gives a p00p about what you think and then do what he wants anyway. Because, after all, he's a Jesuit and Jesuits already know everything.

sixlittlerabbits said...

In "The Rite of Sodomy," Randy Engel devotes over 1000 pages to documenting the scandals you mention. The Francine Pope's mascot might be a bull (given the content of what he comes out with) or a duck (water runs off a duck's back the way common sense escapes the Pope).

Unlike Jorge Bergoglio who has taken his name, St. Francis's focus was on fostering respect for the Eucharist. This was St. Francis's priority and exceeded his concern for the poor and nature (see Augustine Thompson, OP, "Francis of Assisi: A New Biography," 2012). The saint would be scandalized that Communion is distributed from plastic cups or paper bags!

Thanks again for your blog for rabbits, which serves this bunny as a refuge.

Anonymous said...

That's too funny. He can call me to dialogue any time. I have much to say to him.

Someone send him a copy of the Catechism of the Council of Trent to read, and some of Pope St. Pius X's encyclicals.


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I am so grateful that so many rabbits visit and enrich us with comments~!!

Thank you...