Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Pope, the hammer and sickle and Communion from Paper Bags

I love this picture of the Holy Father adorned with a communist necklace giving the stinkeye to this communist monstrosity.

Somebody ran a caption contest on facebook and the funniest caption was "I'm sorry. I accidentally broke off your hood ornament."

There's a lot of chatter about whether the Holy Father told Morales the 'gift' wasn't right or he didn't but at the end of the day, that isn't really what's important.

What's important is, the Pope has given Morales the impression there is a communist in the Chair of Peter and the trip to South America does not divest anyone of that impression. Pope Francis even called for a new world order that focuses on money and mother earth. He left them empty-handed with instructions on how to hold on to sanctifying grace with the devil rising out of the abyss. As he has left us all empty-handed.

I'm sure you all read about the Pope Francis' Mass with Communion from paper bags.

I'm not an aging hippie, but I thought paper bags were taboo?

Fr. Z points out, there was some kind of container inside of the paper bags but nobody knows what material the containers were made of and why they put it inside of a paper bag.

I'll tell you right now, with the Pope using Burger King as central headquarters for the event, I do not have a good feeling about what kind of container was inside of the paper bag.

Whatever it was, they felt the need to hide it? I hope it wasn't a Burger King cup.

I don't have to articulate the concerns of Eucharistic Catholics to readers of TTC, but in the event an uncatechized reader comes across this post, it is worth talking through.

Catholics are aware of the salvific power of every microscopic part of each transubstantiated Host. A single particle has enough power to save the every human from Adam and Eve to this day.

That's why we dive to the floor to catch and consume the pieces communicants casually drop from receiving Communion in the hand.

It is why Christ's Church has strict rules about what containers may be used to transubstantiate. The container must be made of indestructible metal.

It is why our Church has a special sink (that goes into the soil) to rinse linens and chalices used at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

This is why broken sacramentals must always be buried or burned rather than thrown away into the trash.

Consequently, upon gazing at Pope Francis' distribution of the Blessed Sacrament at Mass, concerns are raised about the particles of Divinity inside of the paper bags and what was done with the container inside of them.

This is why Eucharistic Catholics watching the reckless treatment of our Lord's Body and Blood, the souls left starving for the tools for salvation, nobody really gives a flying fig about the Holy Father's expressed concerns for the dirt under his feet.


Anonymous said...

No excuse is sufficient. I am appalled!

Anonymous said...

With apologies to Burger King (whose hospitality tent was used as a sacristy) and to other fast-food joints, the McDonaldization of the liturgy.

Consolamini said...

I am sure that Christ was content to be among the poor of Bolivia even if it meant sharing in their poverty by being held in a paper bag. More important than the container meant to Hold the Eucharistic Lord is the heart ready to receive him

TTC said...

I don't generally post screwball statements but this one was so duplicitous, I just couldn't help myself!

No matter what the thoughts in your own head keep telling you, a human soul is not more important than the Divinity of Christ.

Further, you seem to be unable to grasp what practicing Catholics have been saying since this Holy Father's election.

This pope has continuously instructed souls it's ok committing adultery and they are ready receive the Eucharist in that state. But it is well known to those who are experienced in the mystical world that is a physical reaction in an immortal soul between the unrepentant sin and the Divinity of Christ that is as real as ingesting arsenic. Christ made it easy to learn the lesson in the story of Judas.

Mixing sin on top of the Eucharist is the toxic recipe of spiritual suicide.

The paper bags are the perfect visual of the hearts he is cultivating to receive. Of course you don't give a flying fig about what happens to the people sitting beside you after you pass out the poison and you resent the people who do because they convict you of your own guilt.

TTC said...

You know what I mean, jellybean?

You folks have to learn that just because your heart desires something, that is not the green light to hop into bed with some eyecandy or receive the Divinity of Christ.

When your heart wants something, it's an emotion. Emotions have to be controlled by your animus which is supposed to be formed by the enlightenment of Sanctifying Grace.

As far as we can tell, this Pope is turning everything around him into a paper bag that is going to wind up in the trash heap. Including the people we love and care about.

Mike Hurcum said...

Christ said the poor are always with us. This means He is always with the poor but to those that are sinful that is all He is committed to. To have an Interior Life, an indwelling of the Holy Spirit that wonderful divine eternal spirit of supernatural love and sanctifying grace calls for as we find in the greatest act of contrition
"the Miserere" psalm 50 in the right old testament echoing Isaiah chapter 1 which says I do not want a holocaust (A burning emotion) but a soul that has made atonement and reparation. Don't kid yourselves that God has changed He can't it is impossible no matter what or if you tell God he can in your opinionated foolishness. He is I am.
The Trinity in all ITS splendor will not does no and never shares His Triune Majesty
in a temple that is filthy with sin.

Anonymous said...

Well, with Frank's renting out the Sistine Chapel for corporate events and Sacristy by Burger King the logical next step must be Eucharistic Advertising.

Just think how many busy peeps will feel welcome at Mass when iChrist is served at the altar, a thinner and faster dissolving communal meal. Or the "new and improved" formula Eucharistic host with bacon designed by Pizza Hut, or... The possibilities are endless!

We rosary counting Catholics are just not on par the God of surprises' marketing team!

JB said...

Imagine the reaction of a Pius XII or John Paul II to the tender of that hideous thing. Both would have refused to touch it I'm quite sure. Visible anger would have emanated from both.

I truly wonder if we are witnessing the prophecy of Akita right in front of our faces: "Satan will enter into the highest realms of the hierarchy."