Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Center for Medical Progress Releases Fifth Video and it is sickening.

I know you are doing this - but please cover David Daleiden with your prayers. Obama's corrupt tyranny over the three branches of government has come face-to-face with a blue-blooded hero.

Warning: The content and cruelty in the video will make you physically sick. The evidence of the commission of federal crimes is indisputable.

The Director of Research for Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, Melissa Farrell disclosed they alter the abortion process to deliver intact cadavers of children and reveals one order for 120 body parts.

Another PP employee tells the 'buyer' they had a busy day and threw all the dead babies into one bag - and the staff bursts out in laughter. One mindless sea hag goes into to the refrigerator, pulls out a 20 week old baby and rips out body parts to show the potential buyer. The legs, sternum, scapular, the little arm torn off and hand sticking up out of the pile of body parts.

Fresh from seeing my grandson, who called my name, wrapped his little arms around my legs and cried when I was leaving, I hyperventilated and balled my eyes out watching it.

Imagine the strength it too to keep the prolifers from falling onto their knees in tears and prayers of supplication?

And taxpayers are giving one half billion dollars to support the cottage industry of no good murderers.


Anonymous said...

Hitler obviously never left us.... just a name change to PlannedParenhood.

They said these abortion doctors do research ... can you imagine what that is!
It must be nazi experiments.
Since the abortionist themselves are not buying the baby parts there is no documentation so they can do diablical things with intact or dismembered babies.
If a rat is purchased there are commitees that review what is done with the rat.
Here they can do unaccountable research in labs where the abortionist may work or their own lab.
The baby never existed and the diabolical never happened .... what a perfect setup for the "final solution to the humanity problem" - can you hear the Hiel Hitler!

Anonymous said...

I've done a lot in labs so I have a very cold view of things because I'm so used to things that make others squirm.
I would probably knock those nazi heads right off those evil creeps.
It is just like watching the old films of the nazi holocaust.

Lourdesman said...

And again, for those of us concerned with the souls and not only the bodies of murdered babies please let us know what happens to their souls?

TTC said...

Lourdesman, I have repeatedly - probably several times a week - spoken about the evil and cause and effect upon all of the souls who carry their unborn child and let these butchers do this to them. I've spoken about it probably more than any other Catholic blogger in Christendom.

As a woman, a mother, a grandmother, I am extremely upset about the dead baby, the mothers who did this to their flesh and blood, and the evil going on in that room and in every room where they do this. It takes everything in me to control the outrage I feel towards these murdering bitches standing over the body parts and laughing at the volume they put in the refrigerator.

JB said...

I dare Cardinal Sean to use the word "evil" in talking about this. "Culture of profit"????? REally? that is the best you can muster???


TTC said...

I see many references to the Nazis and they are so true. The macabre disregard for the people they murdered lying in pieces in front of them is the same demon. I am floored these people are laughing at the number of bodies they put in the bag.

It is hard to believe our countrymen have come to this and our political leaders want to fund it.

Lourdesman said...

Why can you not answer the question? Where are the souls of the aborted babies?

TTC said...

JB, i thought his statement was helpful. He is one of a few who asked for these barbaric monsters to be defunded.

TTC said...

I am sorry. didn't know that was your question. I thought you were concerned about my work appealing to the body counters we often meet in our prolife work.

These children are conceived with original sin and don't have the opportunity to be
Baptized, but through no fault if there own, obviously. They also never have the opportunity to sin and are believed to go to purgatory for a short time and then enter paradise. They are powerful prayer warriors for prolifers. Pray they protect the heroic men and women who exposed these heinous acts. The devil is on the warpath.

Lourdesman said...

Well thank you for that at last. I am looking for answers from Vatican Two Catholics born since the Feast of the Immaculate Conception 1965 which is the start date of the Great Apostasy. Sorry to tell you that you do not have the Catholic faith which is the fault of us Catholics who were properly baptised before that date. If you did have the Catholic faith you would know that no soul whatever enters heaven with either original or actual sin. Never has never will. They go to Limbo and do not gain the Beatific Vision of the justified.

For this reason the Vatican Two Anti-Christ sect has never opposed abortion in any real way in any country. See can you work it out.

Anonymous said...

I think the answer to Lourdesman's question is that Catholic teaching is that the ordinary means of redemption from original sin is baptism, but that we can commit those souls to God's extraordinary mercy that surpasses our comprehension.

While non-dogmatic Church teaching had crafted the idea of Limbo as an ante-chamber to Hell for all non-baptised souls not guilty of personal sin, it wasn't completely buttoned down as a teaching - which is why, in the early 14th century, Dante felt free to put Cato (one of the most famous suicides of Classical Antiquity) in the first level of Purgatory.

Anonymous said...

I was taught before VII that unbaptized babies never go to Heaven but stay in Limbo.

I really do wish the Church would, after two thousands years, get its teachings straight.

Lourdesman said...

No baptism no heaven for any soul

TTC said...

Lourdesman, I've published a few of your comments to address them as they are way off of the reservation.

With all due respect, your comments about the invalidity Baptism are hogwash! Christ promised validity to every Sacrament of the Catholic Church from now until His return. There are plenty of theological resources that explain this guarantee.

With respect to your conjecture about the salvation of murdered infants, you are acting like you've just returned from your seat beside God's throne in Heaven and are here to tell us what happens on judgment day. Here's a reality check: you don't know. Nobody knows.

Those without baptism are in a terrible position but the Church knows that Christ IS able to give it to a pagan. Today's Gospel confirms that reality. We hope this is one of those set of circumstances and tells us there is reason to hope.

TTC said...


TTC said...

Thanks to those in the comments section that more fully explained Church teaching. I knew you would pipe in!

Anonymous said...


I had figured that Lourdesman was turning the question into a shibboleth about Vatican II apostasy - the tone of the questions was a red flag - and was going to allege has he did re abortion. Hence why I answered as I did.