Sunday, August 2, 2015

Our Catholic Bear Reports Damian Thompson Somewhat Stunning Perception that Catholic Blogosphere is Irrelevant

Bear's post here.

Damian's ideas about the irrelevance of blogosphere are somewhat surprising.

The funny thing is, I don't any Catholic who thinks Damian Thompson is relevant. LOL. Or for that matter, thinks secular newspapers are relevant. I haven't picked up a secular newspaper for years. Every serious practicing Catholic I am acquainted with - and there are thousands - also has stopped reading secular newspapers.

We get all of our news from reliable news sources like Pewsitter, Lifesite News, Rorate Caeli.

As the Bear duly notes, Catholic blogosphere has become more relevant than ever under the reign of the starvation of theology, friends with benefits, sickle and fist papacy.

Catholic blogs feed and fire up the engines of Catholic erudites who then take the talking points and blow up facebook. Newspapers eventually pick up the story of the controversy and at some point, the goliath in St Peter's Square is forced into damage control from the rock that hit them between their eyes. Sometimes that happens quickly and sometimes they need a couple of dozen rocks before they wave the white flag. The inevitability of their surrender is guaranteed. And so with confidence we take up our positions and fire when we see the whites of Goliath's eyes.

We have never, at least in our lifetime, had to fight the battle at the level of the Chair of Peter. The battle for the soul of the Church always been underneath the Chair of Peter. But we are a seasoned army who knows its enemy well. And we are relentless.

Pope Francis has not yet enlisted in the army of the enemy. He has taken up a sniper position against us and is firing away. I think he is surprised to see us firing back. My gut instincts tell me he expected our allegiance to the Chair of Peter to protect the heresy he has suggested we assume informally in praxis.

My gut instincts tell me, the surprise return of fire has delayed his enlistment. I don't think he ever will and the reason he never will is because of underground consecrated army of the Blessed Virgin and Sacred Heart of Jesus operating at Catholic blogs.

That is not to say he will not do terrible damage to this generation, world, Church that may take years to recover. That is not to say the suffering of watching the people we love being pied pipered from the loss of their salvation by a pope will be any less painful.

I AM saying there is no question that the Holy Father thinks what is being said on blogs is relevant and will affect his game plan. He has acknowledged his critics in America and expressed his desire to evaluate substance.

What exactly does Damian think is irrelevant 'bout 'dat?


Anonymous said...

Before the Blogs can Evangelize we MUST save the Church and Its Teachings! The Church is under attack. < Period!

Anonymous said...

Did you see article on Drudge that says Pope is a Peronist?
We don't need creepy latin american political ideas or our Cardinal's 1960's revival .......we need CATHOLICISM - TRENT STYLE!

St. Corbinian's Bear said...

Great comments. If anything, there was less of a need for a vigorous Catholic blog network under Pope Benedict. You're right: we're in an unequal but necessary David-vs-Peter fight. Maybe Damian is thinking of different blogs than TTC and SCB and Pewsitter regulars. Maybe he thinks we're just "the crazies" and doing no serious work. Could he say "blogger" and mean "Mark Shea," and "Elizabeth Scalia," and other respectable folk? Maybe we're just lumped in with Frankie the Evil Clown (although even he got a vote of approval in comments at SCB).

TTC said...

Could be Shea and Scalia blogs he's referring to, indeed. Who knows! I don't get the feeling he's very connected to the pulse of practicing Catholics!

Michael Dowd said...

The thing about the Bear's blog and yours is that they are fresh, fun and interesting along with a certain sense of urgency, mission and anger about our 'devastated vineyard', the Church, largely brought by the very folks who are supposed to lead us to our eternal destiny. The main thing is just to keep on blogging and pray for victory. After all, aren't we supposed to be the Church Militant?

Dymphna said...

I think all Damian knows is London and maybe Rome.

Felix M said...

Out here where I live, far from London or Rome, there aren't many Catholics who realize the extent of the internal attack on the Church and Pope Francis' support for this. So Catholic bloggers provide a virtual community which helps to keep me balanced, believing, and sane. Regardless of whether they convince the wider community or not.

TTC said...

Dymphna - I think you're right. Unless you've really lived these past three decades trying to keep your family from the beckoning into sin by the local priests - you haven't the faintest idea that the refuge exists or what is happening among the refugees and why.

The Holy Father lives in his world. I don't think he realizes the holy family will not follow him into Kasper's Mapplethorpe hell hole with their children, come what may. The day is fast approaching where he will be as relevant to the holy family as the wolves he's attempted to introduce into the refugee camp. We have chased them out and they're all licking their wounds in their ivory tower, polishing up their shit show for another return. Catholic bloggers are doing what to let him know the irreparable harm he is doing to his own relevance and his chances of bringing the counterfeit church into the refugee camp.

Felix - you nailed it!

TTC said...

Mike, thanks for your kind words. You are great supporter of bloggers keeping a torch under the backsides of the massive and out of control bureaucracy. We appreciate you more than you know!