Saturday, August 1, 2015

Obama Daddy Warbucks Donor & Federal Judge Blocks Center for Medical Progress from Releasing New Videos

A temporary order with a hearing on Monday.

The reason they used to obtain the order?

The folks at the Center for Medical Progress infiltrated their conferences and people are going to get mad when they find out what their members said they're doing to babies. This 'puts providers in danger'.

In danger of who and what?

I didn't read that they produced the dangerous people. The federal judge must have conjured them up in his imagination?

Hard to believe this would stand the scrutiny of his peers? Not that he cares, but still, it's interesting the lengths people will go to.

The 'federation' rightfully claims their reputation is going to take a hit when details of human trafficking of baby body parts are described by their members.

Since when are courts used to protect corporations and groups from the consequences of their crimes against humanity?


Anonymous said...

Truth demands us to go for it: publish all videos at once, against a court order and in danger of going to jail. Expose all the truth on baby slaughter, no fear.

Anonymous said...

Obama and his Judge are criminal accessories after the fact.
Actually since Obama unleased this horror he is also a criminal accessory before the fact.

I know for an absolute fact that these fetal-parts supply companies conceal the source of the tissue and that MOST users in research labs believe the cells come from adult or child donars after natural death or from surgery by-products.

Since when in science history have the product specifications and thus scientific reports lack vital facts about the products or the scientific description in publications? It never happens but in the human fetus supply industry it now is wide-spread nationally.

How can scientific experiments be designed and interpreted when researchers are kept in the dark about the exact source of tissue.
Fetal tissue IS different!

This does NOT help research - it undermines research.
This only happens in the special case of human tissue sales.
International treaties ban using human subjects unless the individual donates.
A fetus cannot donate.
They collect donar consents from the dead-beat moms who abort the baby - that is a criminal act defined by treaties following Nazi war crime trials and use if Black people in experiments where they were unknowenly infected with sypillis.
Both consent and definition of individual are fundamental parts of the international law that Obaminites are breaking.

The police should put padlocks on the doors of abortion mills and human part supply warehouse outlets.

Anonymous said...

sorry my typing
donor not donar

Anonymous said...

Agree! Maybe we're looking at this all wrong, wouldn't the selling of human pieces be considered HUMAN TRAFFICING?
If so didn't the Mayors just meet for 2 days in Rome to address this issue,along with the environment?
Oh dear God! The Empire Building lit up defending cruelty to animals, Babylon the Evil Empire!

Anonymous said...

Is this being addressed wrong? Shouldn't it be called Human TRAFFICING? Did not the mayors just meet for 2 days in Rome to address this and the climate?