Sunday, August 23, 2015

What do I do if surrounding parishes are so bad, I can't bring myself to go to Mass?

A reader asked me to write some survival tips when you are surrounded by fruitcake priests misleading and endangering souls (and the bishop is an absent father).

We went through a rough spell here in Boston for a while. A decade or two of seminary graduates from the St. John Paul II papacy has cleaned things up quite a bit. Having good blogs to expose the nutty conduct also helped to squish the bugs.

I couldn't count the number of Masses I walked out of during that time. We had a priest here who threw trash in the Sanctuary and shot off blanks in a gun in the Sanctuary. I kid you not. They were completely out of control.

My children heard and saw so much damaging stuff, my resentment from the inability to correct the misunderstandings given to them by priests was so hot, there was a time when I couldn't bring myself to go. I remember kneeling in prayer or sitting in the pews with the children hoping and praying the priest wouldn't say something heretical. When they did, I'd have steam coming out of my ears. I wasn't able to prayerfully enter into the mystical prayer to Golgotha. I'd come home, send emails, make phone calls to the Chancery about what transpired. Spiritually, I was worse off when I went then when I stayed home.

My tolerance for nonsense grew to be extremely low. The pinnacle was the time I walked out of two Masses in one day, children in tow, and I almost walked out of the third. A good friend pointed out that I had to learn to discipline myself to let the little stuff go. And he was right.

I can't think of an example of the little stuff that would set me off, but our TTC friend wrote something about seeing a pic of Pope Francis in the Church being enough. This is a good example of the spiritual post-traumatic stress syndrome that develops in a family that experienced toxic behavior of priests and parishioners who don't want practicing Catholics around. That is a big part of the story, isn't it. The shocking abusive conduct towards a family that came to Church to have what they are teaching at home affirmed. (otherwise the children think we are teaching our own values which even the Church doesn't believe.)

When they bring an ex priest living with their lover to come and talk to the CCD class about how wrong Church teaching is on moral theology, we are the last people they want around. We're going to call the Chancery and the program is going to be cancelled. I won't get into the details of the toxic conduct from the heretics - suffice it to say, they make it clear they don't want us around and they make a point to tell our children their parents are bad people.

This is really the crux of the problem with Pope Francis, isn't it?

His conduct is that of the typical pastor who wants to bring in the heretics to teach our family, and when we point out the spiritual malpractice, he's written a book of insults to give witness to our children that we are antiquated sourpusses who can't enjoy a little clapping fornication. He has shipwrecked thirty years of catechesis in the family and parishes trying to help us navigate through the clapping fornication they are drilling into children at schools and the culture. On top of the bozo the clown act, he is surrounding our children with the clapping fornication show and culture of death and applauding it on the sidelines.

An absolute shipwreck that will take a generation to recover -- some of our own children will be swept away and he's fixed it so there is little we are able to do.

I digress.

I did rebuild my tolerance for the liturgical nonsense, so long as the Mass was valid. I remain intolerant of heresy and to this day, make the phone calls to the Chancery, follow the protocol all the way up to the Holy See, expose it on the blog so others can avoid the danger.

All this is to say - I am very familiar with your situation.

The most important advice I can give you is, you have to let the little stuff go and concentrate on mystical prayer. You are most likely overreacting to stuff you should be able to tolerate to receive the Divinity of Christ and Sacraments.

Find a priest in a parish who is the least dangerous - find a good prayer book, bring your Rosary and learn to return your concentration to the mystical prayers of the Mass - the presence of the Angels and Saints and what is happening to Christ, the gift He brings. Use the Sacrament of Confession each time you feel like you want to punch them in the nose. Then try again. Keep at it.

I would also look in small hospital chapels or orders for a good priest. There is always a few hiding under the radar.

Under no circumstances should you take your family to a disobedient priest holed up in a hotel room or some other facility, saying a Latin Mass. Those individuals, including SSPX, do not have faculties to absolve sins and most of them will simulate that Sacrament.

Remain anchored to Christ's Church come what may.

These are my early-Sunday morning thoughts and hope they are helpful.


Mary's Child Mariann said...

They are. Thank you, as I sift through which Mass to attend, unable to attend our blessing of a TLM this morning.

Edison Frisbee said...

These conversations always devolve into an anti-SSPX screed, whose masses are valid and reverent but for some reason must always be avoided at all costs. "Truth in lending'" I used to hold the same anti-SSPX view - not any more. I can't say one way or the other whether or not the Church "supplies jurisdiction" in their case or not. Bishop Athanasius finds the SSPX to be Catholic and says we are in the greatest crisis since the Arian one. Seems to be grounds for supplied jurisdiction but I am not competent to make that judgment. What is not helpful is to have someone like Bishop Morlino come out and say the Holy Father hasn't recognized / declared a "crisis." Is that really a surprise since he is the crux of the problem? Somewhat laughable really....

Don said...

I would like to say. There are many Traditional Latin Mass`s within the heart of the Church, in perfect communion with the local ordinary.
I encourage all those souls, so tired of the abuse, and scandal, to attend the Extra ordinary form of the Holy Mass; also known as the TLM, or Traditional Latin Mass.
The scandal and abuse will fall away, peace will be restored, and your children will witness the faith.
Call your diocese and find where they are being offered.
Pope Benedict XVI did a great deal to foster, and protect the Holy Rite`s contained within the 1962 Roman Missal.
Take full advantage of that gift from Heaven, and search it out.
Deo Gratias

TTC said...

Edison, but making a judgment about 'whether or not the Church supplies jurisdiction' is a very simple conclusion to draw if you read the applicable doctrine and Canons. When people tell me they can't say, I'm left with the conclusion the person doesn't want to read and draw the conclusion.

If I said "I can't say whether or not sexual relations outside of the Sacrament of marriage is a sin" - I am kidding myself and others.

A lot of people try to mitigate doing something harmful by using an example of the heretics being a problem and so therefore when they jump off of the ship on the opposite direction, it's ok.

They are both not ok. It is reprehensible that Bishop Schneider gained the trust of faithful Catholics and then dropped this shoe loaded with dung on their heads.

Anonymous said...

You have an interesting blog but it is really focused on sex isn't it? Just spent a little time perusing the blog posts and they are 99 percent about what the Church is or is not doing about sex. Yes lust is one of the 7 deadly sins but there are 6 others you know right?

TTC said...

It's actually a blog that supports catechesis of the family that the tools in the Novus Ordo have been robbing us of for the last 40 years. It's about sex, lies and murder. We don't seem to have much trouble with them telling us to be fat and lazy.

M. Prodigal said...

Been there! For a time in my heretical diocese (a former bishop was one of the founders of Call to Action), we had a Roman Catholic priest as pastor. We, the educated in the faith remnant, knew he was our shield. But he left us. A homosexual priest arrived. He fired half the staff that did not want him living with his boyfriend. He liked to tell jokes at Mass; people thought he was funny and liked him. Did you hear the one about Elvis the King, he asked on the Feast of Christ the King. He had his dog in the sanctuary. He built himself a new rectory when the parish was not rich. His boyfriend was across the street; they took vacations together....

So I left my long time parish for the one across town. Had a fairly decent pastor. He left and the big narcissist came on board. I had known him as a seminarian and thought he was one of the most arrogant men I had ever encountered and now he was my pastor. Terrible! But he knew 'mass was good' if he 'was having fun'.

So at that time there was Mass at a Catholic hospital ( no more) and I went there. I got a Latin/English missal and learned to pray the TLM. But the irreverence and heresy got to be too much...

Some friends quit going to Mass, some went protestant, some Greek Orthodox (and they still are and love it), some drove 45 miles to a SV place, some drove 80 miles to the next diocese.

And so on a retreat and in confession, I broke down sobbing as I told the priest about the parishes. When I came home, I told my husband I wanted to move. And the next year, thanks be to God, we did.

We paid a price. I lost my good job. Our house took 3 years to sell and at a loss. It took time for our grown children to joni us...and it was all worth it.

I am in a decent Novus Ordo diocese and parish. Have access to a valid TLM at one of the parishes. I no longer have to be upset at Mass.

When I travel, I see the garbage and recognize it instantly and have low tolerance for it. I have written bishops. And I am sad for the faithful that deserve better than bad hireling shepherds.

DJR said...

Latin Catholics in metropolitan areas of the U.S. will most likely be within driving distance of a Byzantine Catholic parish of some rite, particularly in the northeast.

In my own area in the south, which does not have a particularly large Byzantine presence, there are at least five parishes, mine and four others.

Latin Catholics who don't want to subject themselves and their children to the idiocy that passes for Christianity at some of these wacked out parishes never have to set foot inside them if they don't want to, and they can still participate in the sacramental life of the Church.

Just come visit us.

TTC said...

I forgot about Byzantine! Outstanding suggestion.

Edison Frisbee said...

You say "making a judgment about 'whether or not the Church supplies jurisdiction' is a very simple conclusion to draw if you read the applicable doctrine and Canons" and then oversimplify the situation by making an analogy to the very cut and dried case of fornication. The problem with most of the self appointed interpreters of Canon law (principally the screwball priest who finds Black Masses less offensive than SSPX ones or the guy with a bad haircut who can lay blame everywhere but at the Pope's doorstep) is they also all claimed the SSPX was in schism when clearly it is not....even Bishop Morlino said this (more dung filled shoes, I presume).
For the record, I've never been to an SSPX mass and I am quite happy with the Novus Ordo parish I am in (they do the TLM as well - usually a very good indicator). But when I had to travel not too long ago, the Novus Ordo masses were simply dreadful (I'm talking to you Colorado Springs!). Luckily I found an FSSP church.....but if SSPX had been the only other option, I would have gone without thinking twice (for Mass anyways).

Anonymous said...

"Having good blogs to expose the nutty conduct also helped to squish the bugs."

Is exposing nutty conduct charitable?

I'm punished by the community every time I comment on the priest's unorthodox behaviour or phrases such as "it's better to be happy pilgrims than bitter saints".

They say it's gossip and criticizing.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous August 23, 2015 at 10:02 PM

Exposing nutty is one of the 7 spiritual works of mercy. The nuts you are talking about focus on the corporal works of mercy at the expense of the spiritual works of mercy to their own perdition.

The traditional enumeration of the corporal works of mercy is as follows:

To feed the hungry;
To give drink to the thirsty;
To clothe the naked;
To harbour the harbourless;
To visit the sick;
To ransom the captive;
To bury the dead.

The spiritual works of mercy are:

To instruct the ignorant;
To counsel the doubtful;
To admonish sinners;
To bear wrongs patiently;
To forgive offences willingly;
To comfort the afflicted;
To pray for the living and the dead.

TTC said...

You have to remember two things. One, we are working in an environment whose members often behave like a cult. The devil will work overtime to protect the rug from being pulled out from underneath him.

If a person is on the backside of a priest every time he makes a mistake, forgets something, does something dumb,--ya, then I would say it us a problem with the complainer.

If the priest is contradicting Church teaching or pulls the pope Francis trick of bringing in others who contradict Church teaching, if he is struggling with an addiction or takes up with a lover--no, these don't fall into the category of charity because people are being hurt or he is hurting himself. You have to think of it like a family. Would their response make sense if your father took up with a floozy? Would it be appropriate to tell him you know, tell him how people are being hurt, remind him of the cure in the Sacraments? If he dismissed you, get other family members to talk to him? If he dismissed them, call a priest?

This is what people do who love though the people who want to continue with their conduct will not see it as love. But that is what it is.

You have to remember you are dealing with people who will protect pedophiles and you have to do what is right for Gid and the people getting hurt.

TTC said...

Edison, SSPX is not the only option. Anywhere. So defending them with that is a strawman. Personalities are in the way of making a very simple judgment. The power is obstructed when the Church shuts off authority. In the same way a man in the seminary doesn't have that power until he is ordained. The Church gives the power and the Church takes away the power. You don't need to read the documents to know that but they are there for you to confirm what you should already know. Forget about the personalities involved in the discourse and focus on right and wrong.

Michael Dowd said...

Thanks Carol good stuff. My wife and I ran into these issues in Detroit during the 1960' thru the 80's. Very bad time indeed. Like yourself: walking out of Mass, shopping parishes, removing the kids from Catholic schools, starting our own Catechism program, starting our own school, etc. Horrible experience. Now the 11 kids and 30 grand kids are grown and mostly don't go to Mass much. Can you blame them? One of the Church's we went to on Sunday was a Ukrainian Catholic Church which was quite orthodox. Maybe that would help someone.

Anonymous said...

Carol, thank you. I'm the reader who asked you to do this.

We have no Catholic hospital chaplains. We have one decent religious community (the rest are Canadian and they were long gone before the rest - the religious [and I use the term very loosely] wear makeup, earrings and wear very lovely clothes) and it is too far to travel. I tried the Byzantine a long time ago, but I simply cannot take their Liturgy. Too, too active for me - endless singing and responses. I'd rather weep in the novus ordo pews.

As for the SSPX defenders, they are beginning to remind me of the defenders of the bogus apparitions. They use the same old tiresome arguments that have been refuted long ago.

God bless you, Carol. And thank you again.

Unknown said...
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Netmilsmom said...

Time to find and Eastern rite parish!

We were in the most traditional parish north of our city. For 12 years, while the toilet of modernism swirled around us, this parish was an island. Sadly, the retired pastor back in the old country died. His hand picked successor, who had run the ship all that time, went Charismatic. Suddenly, everything changed. I had been in a Charismatic parish in the 90s. I knew the end game in this and tried to warn people. Because of it, we too were the family no one wanted around. We left. Some left with us, some stayed denying the changes. I still cringe when I see people bragging about the parish.
Now we float. Each week one of us picks a parish. My oldest daughter loves the Chaldeans and we most probably will end up there. But my heart breaks for what my family lost. I just think, if I'm uncomfortable in these parishes, imagine what Christ is going through, alone in the tabernacle in the corner or closet. That's what gives me comfort. Going for Him.

Maria said...

"Let me be as clear as I can, abuses in the Eucharistic liturgy are no mere abuses in external worship. They are external expressions, but of what? Of deep internal errors in faith".

Servant of God, John A. Hardon SJ

I would recommend Fr. Hardon's brief article: "How to Cope with Abuses in the Eucharistic Liturgy" @

Maria said...

"Let me be as clear as I can, abuses in the Eucharistic liturgy are no mere abuses in external worship. They are external expressions, but of what? Of deep internal errors in faith".

Servant of God, John A. Hardon SJ

I would recommend Fr. Hardon's brief article: "How to Cope with Abuses in the Eucharistic Liturgy" @

Anonymous said...

That was actually very good advice. Thumbs up.

Anonymous said...

I've always found it helpful to try to remember Christ's own sufferings from, and His holy anger at, the Masses described here, and to unite myself with His sufferings. Going to Mass these days can be a real penance, God help us all. But doing penance is good, and perhaps Christ has allowed these disgraceful liturgies to continue so people who are so inclined can have the chance to practice penance. John Heuertz, OP Kansas City

JTLiuzza said...

I echo Edison Frisbee's remarks. There is no reason to end this piece with a shot at the SSPX. I grow tired of that. When they are "regularized," whatever that is supposed to mean, AS IS, what then from the loudmouths who persecute them at every turn? That will be fun to watch.

Pewsitter brought me here. First time to this blog. I won't be back.

TTC said...

But there is plenty of reasons. They reject the Catechism. They are heretics. They are hoodwinking people into believing they can absolve sins and perform Confirmation and marriages when they can no more do those things than Mary Ann Duddy.

Anonymous said...

It would be prudent for all of us to remember who is the father of lies and confusion. I guarantee this blog would not be necessary if Vatican II never happened. It is well documented what took place there. We are living with the fruits of that council today, which has led to the liturgical, ecumenical, and ecclesiastical abuses which sadden so many Roman Catholics. I recommend we all read the Fathers and the Doctors of the Church. Also, to get more clarity on what has transpired we should research the Papal Encyclicals since the turn of the 19th century. Finally, look at what was revealed in the approved apparitions of La Salette, Lourdes, and Fatima.
So what are we to do, put on the "Armor of God" and actively use the ultimate weapon of our fortification " The Holy Rosary", and courageously defend the source and summit of our faith "The Holy Eucharist."
People we can no longer kid ourselves, each and every one of us is in a fight for our immortal souls.

Anonymous said...

Pewsitter's link brought me here. Your hateful (mostly the latest comment) remarks about SSPX, founded on the usual incorrect information, lead me away. I'm a former Parish Council president who searched for a solid NO for years after I gave up on my parish. Bishop Burke's Latin Mass order established in La Crosse brought me back to the Latin Mass. I'll never go to a NO again. As Cardinal Burke now says, SSPX "people have the faith and they have the sacred liturgy." I won't be back to this site either.

TTC said...

What a spiteful little diatribe against the truthful expression of problems with SSPX. It is duly noted that you have no ammunition to contradict the heresy and canonical crime of simulating sacraments.

What is your gripe against the Vatican II wingnuts if you defend the rejection of Catechism?

Thus you bear witness against yourselves that you are the children of those who murder the prophets.

Edison Frisbee said...

I question some of your sweeping statements; regardless, one poster here has essentially "lost" 11 children and 30 grand-children, presumably by sticking with those "approved by Rome." Would the results have been any worse if they attended an SSPX chapel?

The "approved" Novus Ordo church is doing more damage to souls than the SSPX ever will...yet seemingly the former gets a pass because, well, "that's just where the Church is today."

I understand concerns about jurisdiction and the validity of weddings and confessions (so go the Novus Ordo route for these sacraments if in doubt), but at least you could attend a Mass without pulling your hair out - and perhaps Mr. Dowd's family would still have the faith.

Anonymous said...

This morning on my way home I stopped into the local novus ordo church to make a visit to the Blessed Sacrament. I brought little pocket size New Testament with me.

After praying, I opened at random to St. John's Gospel 19:23-24. I am not one who interprets Scripture easily, nor am I one who often gets any "inspiration" when reading it. In fact, I shy away from it precisely because I find it so hard to do.

Anyway, these verses pertain to the Roman soldiers holding the seamless tunic of Our Lord and saying not to tear it, but to cast lots to see who would get it. All of a sudden it came to me that this is the present condition of the Church. Our Church is a seamless garment, but right now the factions within are vying with each other to see who will get it.

TTC said...

I know Cardinal Burke well enough to guarantee that he never said it is SSPX who is holding the faith and have the sacred liturgy. He would never say such a thing about a group who rejects the Catechism and is hoodwinking people into believing they can absolve sins. Further, he would never belittle the authentic and only deposit of faith and Sacred Liturgy in Communion with the Church.

Not in a millions years.

TTC said...

As I knew, here is the video that puts the above assertion that Cardinal Burke would suggest A group that rejects the Catechism, is out of communion and is simulating Sacraments is the refuge of the real Catholic faith out of it's misery.

The quote is taken completely out of context.

Cardinal Burke is saying these are baptize Catholics with a love of the Liturgy who are in error and will need to change their obedience, thinking and acting to come back into full communion with the Catholic Church. Cardinal Burke articulates what I said above - there is much disobedience in the Church that we hope and pray will return to the Sacraments.

Anonymous said...

When I worked for the Pontifical Commission “Ecclesia Dei” we avoided using the word “schism”. There hasn’t been any official determination that they are in schism.

That said, it must be admitted that Pope John Paul II wrote of the 1988 illicit consecration of bishops as a “schismatic act”. The 1983 Code in can. 751 describes schism as “withdrawal of submission to the Supreme Pontiff or from communion with the members of the Church subject to him”. And I think that the “duck argument” could apply, at least as a warning of what could come in the future.

Moreover, in 2013 Card. Mueller of the CDF – also the President of the PCED – referred to them as being is schism. That said, there hasn’t ever been any official ruling and declaration that the SSPX is, formally, in schism.

southwestern white said...

Honestly, every week I have to steel myself to go to Mass anywhere in our diocese and the neighboring one even if it's in English (vs. Spanish) because I know it will be full of los latinos (because the border has been open for decades), and the number grows continually. I've been in Texas half a century and done my share of "hispanic ministry" and reaching out. I'd like to go to Mass with my own people in my own culture and be able to sit there without being lectured about social justice and racism, even if it's "ONLY" via the weekly requisite Prayer of the Faithful on the topic. Then there are the "multiculturaL' activities in the bulletin. It is beyond endurance without supernatural assistance. God help me. I was actually asked once years ago why I was at a Spanish Mass. I'd like to ask millions of people why they are at English Mass.

Athelstane said...

"They are heretics."

I get where the accusations of "schismatic" come from. But in what way are the SSPX "heretics?" What dogmas or doctrines of the Church do they deny or dissent from?

TTC said...


They maintain the current Catechism is in error.

Nobody who read the Catechism of Trent would argue that it's been watered down to pablum but the substance of every teaching remains intact.

Their refusal to assent has been at the heart of their separated status.

Michael Dowd said...

Carol. Kudos from M

Lots of folks like what you do--at least some of it, like Mundabor.

Unknown said...

In some places you may have the Anglican Use Mass available from the Ordinariate of the Chair of St Peter. Similar to the Latin Mass in many ways, but in English and the liturgy comes from the Vatican Approved Book of Divine Worship. The Mass is usually "ad orientem" with great reverence ( Anglican Patrimony) and attention to detail. Vestments, candles, bells, incense and communion given kneeling.

Michael Dowd said...

Edison Frisbee. Thanks for your comments. However, I don't think the diminishment of the faith among my 11 kids and 30 grand kids had much to do the New Ordo Mass itself. More important was the Protestantization of that Catholic faith that accompanied it. It was the lost of fear of hell, the idea that one religion is as good as another, the loss of the sense of sin, the failure to speak out about sin at Mass, etc. that were the real reasons. In other words, the Catholic Church (largely) became essentially a Protestant sect after Vatican II, became Man oriented vs. God oriented, lost its sense of sin, and became lackadaisical.

TTC said...

Taking children to a place where there is zero ability to absolve sins, Confirm and marry them and where the priest tells them the Catechusm is wrong and telling yourself this is better for their soul, is bad advice.

Edison Frisbee said...

Mr. Dowd - will pray for your family.....this has to be a parent's worst nightmare. God Bless.

Damask Rose said...

Dear TC
I think you've written a very good post, and it's most helpful to me, but I'm not sure about what you've said re the following to Athelstane:


They maintain the current Catechism is in error."

So do I, I think it's too soft on homosexualism. I don't agree with it as well. You know, the most recent one promulgated by JPII.

That would put me on par with the SSPX, make me a schismatic(?).

Anonymous said...

Please name the heresies of the SSPX. Pointing out the errors of the latest
Catechism is not heresy, rather it's safeguarding the perennial teaching of the
Catholic Church. Would you say that Cardinal Kasper and those of a like mind
with him are heretics?


TTC said...

Rose, apologies for the delay.

I'm not sure what you mean by you reject the Catechism because it's too soft on homosexuality. It clearly says acting on any desire is a mortal sin. It doesn't leave any wiggle room to use the gift of human sexuality for anything outside of Sacramental marriage. There isn't any change in the teaching against sleeping around.

I doubt there is anybody reading this blog who didn't find themselves or their family surrounded by homosexual priests and lesbian nuns telling us it's ok now to sleep around or use contraception and say what the hell is going on here and compare and contrast the current Catechism to Trent. We all know the maturity level for the reader was brought down to the village idiot level. It pales in comparison but they had their reasons. Even Christ talked to the village idiots in parables for the same reasons.

There is nobody reading here that wouldn't do a cartwheel if they kicked it up a notch. But this is the least of our troubles. The problem isn't the Catechism. The problem is, they ordained heretics and they don't have the spinal fortitude to manage them. They prefer to see generations lose their salvation. They are wolves.

SSPX threw the baby out with the bath water. They became unhinged.

If it's in the Catechism, it's bound. That is the beauty of Christ's promises. He left no room for the Catechized who practice in good faith to lose their salvation.

TTC said...

Edison, it sure has been a nightmare, hasn't it. Thanks!

Mar, I hope my answer to Rose answers your question. Let me know.

Kindly note, I have been writing about the heretics on the other side of the spectrum for fifteen years!

Edison Frisbee said...

I'll just leave this here:

TTC said...

Thanks. I think you know what this means?

The Holy See just gave you a shout out.

These men have been pretending to absolve sins.

I think it is beyond unreasonable that Catholics are up in arms over those of us who are willing to hold our own accountable for ecclesiastical and spiritual crimes. And this one is a doozy!

I am of course glad he has reached out to them to offer a bone. I think the chances SSPX are going to codify the Holy Father's big tent pastoral practice of clapping fornication is lower than ever. But with God, all things are possible.

TTC said...

E, I am sorry but I am not posting a link to the remnant. I never realized how much error they've been spreading all these years.

Jurisdiction is not complicated theology. Even a person who deliberately wants to keep their head in the sand and hoodwink other Catholics about such a serious matter as the absolution of their sins, has to admit the pope's granting of authority to absolve for the year of mercy means the people leaving the Confessional all these years with their compounding mortal sins.

There is true folly in pretending otherwise. A terrible disservice to God and our brothers an sisters.

TTC said...

I don't understand how anyone would place others in such a serious situation as to suggest they were absolving sins. It is impossible to deny at this juncture. It blows my mind that any serious Catholic would continue on with the charade knowing the consequences.

Edison Frisbee said...

Fair enough, it's your blog....but what are your qualifications to interpret Canon Law?

TTC said...

I have to tell you Edison, I feel the use of deception in your posts.

Most sections of Canon Law simply require a college-level reading ability. Others only require high school level.

The matter of jurisdiction is so straight forward, one has to go out of their way to claim they read it and are incapable of comprehending it.

But even if you were willing to go so far to hoodwink Catholics about the validity of absolution, the Pope has just exposed the invalidity and granted authority from December 8th until the end of the Jubilee year. The Confessions are not valid until December 8th and their validity will end when the year of mercy ends as of this moment.

I don't like taking deception and it pains me to say I am finished doing a deceptive waltz with you.

This is not a burden to admit there is a problem to people who have been reading the remnant and believing their hooey and suffering terrible consequences of unabsolved sin.

TTC said...

The tortured logic and use of deception seems endemic in supporters of SSPX.

I just want to know the truth and explain it here in a world that is going loco. I don't have any need it desire to use twisted logic to defend the indefensible.

These guys don't have the faculties to absolve sins. They haven't had them fir a very long time. They won't have them from now till December 7th and as if their status right now, they will lose them when the year if mercy ends. Stop telling Christ's people that they might or they do or you don't know. The Pope let everyone know. An you were the one who posted it and said you were glad to finally agree with something he said!

TTC said...

It it's complicated. If you can admit a seminarian can't absolve sins the day before his ordination, you know the Churchbgives it and the Church takes it away. It was taken away from SSPX. Though I would love to see them back and pray it happens, the last thing we need now is another group of houligans telling our babies they are right and the Catechism is wrong and they can interpret things to contradict the Magisterium.

Clare said...

So, does this mean you'll finally retract the absurd calumny that the SSPX is in schism? Do you really think a pope would/could grant sacramental faculties to a schismatic group?

TTC said...

Clare, there you go proving my point about the dishonesty. You know that the head of the CDF said they were in schism so it could not be calumny nor is it absurd.

The pope explains the separation and hope that they will come into communion in the future. They are not in communion now.

You folks like to pretend there is some kind of half-assed communion when it comes to SSPX. The same would have to be applied to women priests but I never see you defending them!

Clare said...

Your comparison of womyn priests is a non-sequitur and a lazy flail.

Pope Benedict said they weren't in schism; that trumps a CDF head. And you didn't answer my question..."Do you really think a pope would/could grant sacramental faculties to a schismatic group?"

TTC said...

And the real kicker?

All of a sudden, after the two years of parading heretics in front of our children and telling them to follow their guidance, you suddenly claim it is preposterous he would give Sacraments to people who canonically prohibited!

Unless you support his pastoral theory of admitting divorced and remarried Catholics to Communion, your pants are on fire.

TTC said...


You are blind.There isn't a dimes worth of difference.

Women priests say the catechism is non binding and in error.

SSPX say the catechism is non binding and in error.

Women priests simulate sacraments.

SSPX simulates Sacraments.

Women priests perform schismatic acts.

SSPX performs schismatic acts.

You have some nerve telling faithful Catholics there is a distinction.

I am more concerned with the god damned fools who have been listening to you and have been without absolution than I would ever be about the daffy women in vestments.

Clare said...

You refuse to answer my question twice calmly asked, and instead use the Lord's name in vane in a rabid rant. Again, I'll ask, "Do you really think a pope would/could grant sacramental faculties to a schismatic group?"

TTC said...

And kindly note-pope Benedict said for doctrinal reasons they have no status in the Church. That is the same status Martin Luther enjoyed.

I don't recall him ever saying they were not in schism. Every rational and honest theologian has to assent to the schismatic acts, lack of status and faculties and spiritual malpractice.

The Holy Father has recognized that there are catechetical problems that families could not tolerate that are holed up in SSPX. He has said he hears good things from families and he hopes for reconciliation. This is a step in the right direction which we can all pray will bear fruit.

But do not come around here with the stink of indignation when I or others express the legitimate problems with heresy and simulation of sacraments.

TTC said...

Clare, I did answer your question. It was a zinger and pointed out you are full of crap so you may have missed it. It is the comment about your pants being on fire.

TTC said...

Incidentally, your assertion I used my Lord's Name as a vulgar swear word is nuts.

Using God's Name in vane is when somebody says "Jesus Christ" as one would say WTF.

You are the proverbial TLM sourpuss that has scared the common sense out of our Holy Father and kept normal families away from TLM communities.

The stick up your backside will. It allow you to come to terms with simple truths.

Any reasonable person would acknowledge the objection to pretending to absolve sins and taking the position the Catechism is not binding would be and is upsetting to a person whose interests are the salvation of souls.

You just can't own up to it.

TTC said...

Clare, I am not publishing your silly accusations that I "hate,hate" traditional Catholics.

I've spent 20 years in a public ministry defending TLM and orthodoxy.

Heresy and simulating sacraments need to be stopped no matter who is doing it. Again, something you don't have the decency to admit.

I am so excited that these Catholics will be receiving absolution, I could do a cartwheel.

I said a little extra prayer for Pope Francis!

Anonymous said...

This proves Carol has been right about SSPX status all the time: The Pope just gave SSPX priests the power to do Sacrament of Confession - so that PROVES that SSPX did not have the power to do valid Confessions. Now we all can see that people going to SSPX were not getting valid Sacraments. Thanx Carol for warning us so that we would stay put in the True Church to get valid Sacraments.
I hope SSPX comes back and are allowed to say "no" to clapping fornication and balloons. I would love to attend their churches after they unite with the Catholic Church and put my money into their baskets instead of Cardinal Marx's pocket.