Thursday, August 27, 2015

When Archbishop Chaput Hires Heretics to Teach on the Family, in his mind, the "Destruction" is people who write about him.

When minds and souls of the children are being destroyed in Philly, people are not writing about it in a useful way.

He didn't find the long index of heretics very useful.

That's too bad.

I'll tell you who did find it useful: Catholic families who would no nore attend a family in a conference that would pervert their minds than they would flock to a conference featuring pedophiles.

If the Archbishop trying to find something useful in the Chancery, he is going to find himself limited to toilet paper.

Why don't the bishops try something completely different and for once in their life, own up to their own malpractice and apologize for the scandal.


Anonymous said...

His job is faith and morals.
Our job is to put his "civic" political buddies into prison.
Those "leaders" are scum bags!
No unity with scum bags!

Anonymous said...

The stupidity of these clerics who think that politicians represent "the people".
They represent the money masters for whom they work.

Jesus will toss these "civic leaders" into hell along with the money masters.

Bishops standing with Hitler in old photos is SCANDAL and the same SCANDAL is our Cardinals hanging with proabort gay agenda antiChristians like stooge obama or stooge marty walsh or stooge cuomo.

Trending Now: Marxists have titles removed and replaced with "stooge" and never use capital letters that are reserved for people of dignity and Chistian names.

Anonymous said...

The president of the World Meeting of Families is Robert Ciaruffoli, a leading CPA with Baker Tilly, an accounting advisory firm. Previously, Ciaruffoli was the CEO of his own organization called ParenteBeard until it officially merged with Baker Tilly in October of 2014. Prior to that, Ciaruffoli was the chairman and CEO of Parente Randolph, which merged with Beard Miller Company in October 2009 to become ParenteBeard.

Public records show that Ciaruffoli has made a number of political contributions to thoroughly pro-abortion and pro-same-sex marriage candidates, including a former executive director of Planned Parenthood. While these records also show that Ciaruffoli made contributions to pro-life candidates who support traditional marriage as well, his willingness to financially support candidates violently opposed to the lives of preborn children is greatly concerning. More to the point, such contributions make his position as president of the World Meeting of Families somewhat ironic.

sixlittlerabbits said...

Archbishop Chaput used to be considered a good bishop. I was put off by his endorsement of stupid "theology of the body"-advocate Christopher West, who described the Easter Candle as a phallic symbol. Very, very sad.

Anonymous said...

Chaput is nothing but a good careerist. While Archbishop of Denver, he publicly equated Supreme Court Justice Scalia with Frances Kissling, founder and president of the pro-abortion Catholics For A Free Choice, as "cafeteria Catholics" in First Things magazine. What was Scalia's "sin"? Questioning John Paul II's arbitrary revisionism concerning the morality of capital punishment! I thought at the time that Chaput either was a pathetically ignorant man or bucking for a red hat and a bigger see. Well, he got the bigger see. It looks like he's still lusting after the red hat.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is afraid of being sent to Malta.
But Malta is starting to look good to me compared to the clapping fornication.
Maybe the satanic STENCH and utter repulsion that one experiences in the United Nations meditation "chapel" will wake up Pope Francis to the diabolical foundation of the UN.
If I were Pope - I too would like to say a FEW words to the UN :


Anonymous said...

His Holiness (or rather the Vatican Secretariat of States acting in the name of the Pope) is creating more confusion concerning the advocacy of the legitimacy of homosexual unions to children in a letter expressing papal praise to an Italian author of "Heather Has Two Mommies"-style books.

As Catholic World News reports, the Vatican spin-machine has gone into high-gear over the matter:

Vatican denies letter was intended to endorse Italian author's book on same-sex unions

The Vatican press office has issued a statement to counter an Italian writer’s claim that Pope Francis praised her book defending same-sex unions.

Francesca Pardi, whose book Piccolo Uovo was among the gay-oriented books banned from city schools in Venice, had written to Pope Francis to protest. She received a polite response—not from the Pope but from an official of the Secretariat of State—saying that the Pope “is grateful for the thoughtful gesture and for the feelings which it evoked, hoping for an always more fruitful activity in the service of young generations and the spread of genuine human and Christian values.”

Pardi quickly made that letter public, and succeeded in prompting a series of media reports that the Pope had endorsed her book. The August 28 statement from the Vatican rejected that interpretation of the letter. “In no way does the letter from the Secretariat of State mean to endorse behavior and teachings not in line with the Gospel," the statement said. The Vatican statement added that the letter to Pardi was intended to remain private, which “unfortunately did not happen.”

Fr. VF said...

Chaput gives Communion to pro-abortion politicians.

This is a MORTAL SIN, because doing so is ALWAYS to give grave scandal.

Canon 915 prohibits giving Communion to those who obstinately persist in manifest grave sin BECAUSE doing so is always a cause of grave scandal.

In 2004, the American bishops approved a document, "Catholics in Political Life," which says that a bishop may "legitimately" give Communion to pro-abortion politicians.

That's right!

A large majority of American bishops believe they can VOTE themselves the right to commit mortal sin!

Do not expect any semblance of moral and intellectual coherence from any bishop who thinks he can vote himself the right to commit mortal sin! Chaput is one of those.

Left-footer said...

For me, the Chuch is Christ and the sacraments, whose efficacy does not depend on the worthiness of the Priest.

I do not take my morality from this Pope, or from Marx, Kasper, Nicholls, Cupic, or any of that crowd.

But I really love this blog!

God bless!

Anonymous said...

I use to have a lot of respect for Bishop Chaput. However when I read Raymond Arroyo's book "Mother Angelica, The Remarkable Story of a Nun, Her Nerve and a Network of Miracles" I began to have questions as to whether the bottom line for Chaput was the salvation of souls, or more interest in worldly assets. In chapter 18, The Last Things, of this book many of the behind the scene activities in 1999 and 2000 are related.
The question seems to be how much control the local bishop had over Our Lady of the Angels monastery and EWTN. The end result was that at a special EWTN board meeting on March 17, 2000 the board voted to amend the bylaws and accept Mother Angelica's resignation. Two of the bishops on the Board, Foley and Chaput, were the only dissenting votes.
I would recommend this book for any faithful Catholic.
Now with these new revelations from Philadelphia I have lost complete faith in this man.

TTC said...


Your post is very interesting but I am trying to understand why his dissenting vote would be upsetting to you. If anything, I would expect you to be pleased. Mother Angelica was reportedly forced out by the uncatechized former Protestant Patheos types that flooded and eventually took over the place. Her resignation was reportedly forced and the abrupt change to Lizzy and Simcha show following her departure would seem to confirm the forced resignation. Dissenting from accepting would have been the right thing to do under the circumstances.

Bishop Chaput was a very strong shepherd in those days.

Anonymous said...

Archbishop Chaput gives the excuse that he had to work with civic leaders to pull such a large event off in the city. Yes, he did have to work with them - but he didn't have to allow them to have positions of prestige and power right on the actual WF of Families board/governing body of the whole supposedly Catholic WM of Families. He could've appointed or helped appoint Catholics to those positions who would then meet with the mayor, police chief, etc. Or if he couldn't do that - voice his outrage. If this can't be a truly Catholic event, then why have it? It's NOT necessary! If you have to hire rabid anti-Catholics to help fundraise to pay for the unneeded event, then don't have the event!! Of course, he was probably told to have the event from higher ups, I realize that. It reminds me of the CCHD's excuse that they can't give out their aid to the poor without co-opting with abortion/BC groups. Well, then pack up and leave! What other choice do you have? But we live in a world now where Catholics are taught that we must sin mortally to feed the poor. Aside from all this - few fruits come from events where 500,000 to one million attend one Holy Sacrifice of the Mass together. Massive desecration of the Eucharist naturally occurs in that type of setting - and it occurs at an unimaginable rate as evidenced from WYDs. So guess what? Don't do those things then! It's quite simple. But we are now taught to live off hype and emotion - as seen in the Archbishop's letter to the Philly Inquirer imploring people to come to the WMofF. Google to read the whole editorial - it's quite unbecoming of a Catholic bishop because of the passive aggressive tone directed at faithful Catholics.

Anonymous said...

As a traditional prolife authentic Catholic, I see Pope Francis's extension to all priests to forgive abortion grave mortal sin by women as a very good thing. He clearly reaffirms the gravity of the sin and he compells women to go to Confession. So ONLY Catholics can be forgiven so that compells people to join or come back to God's one true Church. Some news reported that abortionists can be forgiven in this extaordinary way during Jubellee year but other news reports that is NOT true. The presstitutes like Allen say this news will not be liked by traditional Catholics.... he is an idiot.

Also the SSPX can now forgive sins ..... but to me that is both a good step but very confusing - so is the bread made into Jesus or is it just that Confession is valid? Don't bother answereing.. my point is that it is confusing but I hope they can clear up the SSPX mess soon because we could then attend a non-clapping fornication sermon on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Another very good thing is that the Pope just exercised PAPAL AUTHORITY and that is the last thing that the globalists want is competition.
He did not resort to a committee or collegiality. Fr Hehir will take a sissy-fit that the new Pope did something papal. Will the Pope be called out by BC theologians for "over reaching" his authority?

Let's keep praying the Rosary to protect the Pope from himself on his trip here and in the synod. Let Reagan be Reagan but let Francis be St. Peter!