Sunday, October 25, 2015

Did you know Cardinal Danneels Belongs in Devil-Worshiping Masonic Lodge?

There is nothing like a Mason Bishop who wears vestments symbolizing sodomy and covered up for a pedophile. Just the kind of guy Pope Francis needed to pitch his ideas to children.

Michael Hitchborn is hardly a reactionary.

Catholics are forbidden from Masonic membership because its demonic.  This is the Pope's idea of episcopal leadership.

It takes a lot of guts for a practicing Catholic to express what we all just observed.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure, that Bergoglio, does not?

Maria said...

Anonymous said...

First priest I hear say "New Church" - I walk out!

If O'Malley returns and tells us that the synode was a wonderful experience - I VOMIT!

They should have spent that time rounding up Masons, Marxists, pedophiles, homosexual priests and nuns, and Satanists - to toss them behind the gates if hell where they belong!

That is what "The People of God" want but they never give us that....

Anonymous said...

No surprise here. Years ago The Remnant published the names of Cardinals that were members. I'd venture to guess 50% of our Priests are too.