Sunday, October 25, 2015

Final Synod Document and Pope Francis Deception of It

I am puzzled by practicing Catholics who are saying the final document affirmed Church teaching.

I have no idea what they are talking about.

The document clearly gives pastors the erroneous notion they can acknowledge repetitious mortal sin and obstruct them from absolution and salvation--and give witness to children that Church teaching is subject to their own personal judgments.

I further observed the Pope telling us his use of heretics, his sneakiness and deception, his institution of. 30 day annulment, and the farce of this final document obstructing our people from salvation was his action to strengthen the indissolubility of  the Sacrament of Marriage.

It is the biggest bold-faced lie I have ever experienced from an ordained man.

Claiming this insidious deception was the victorious affirmation of Church teaching is like Charlie Sheen holding a crack pipe between his teeth and his arms around two whores and saying "winning!!"

I have not checked news this morning, but I certainly hope faithful bishops have the spinal fortitude to call out the lie and liars.

Worthy is the Lamb.


Nat Ons said...

In many ways I am forced to agree with your far from ebullient reading of the final relation of all that went on at the Synod, or rather of what was approved amid its wanderings. There is no great 'conservative' victory - thank God, say I, for man's pride in himself is egregious, even among the pastors of the Church (Jesus Christ Himself, with His Bride, in Person - no Other, not man's plaything).

Yet a victory of Rosary-sized proportions has been won, TTC, minor and marginalised as its reception may well be .. in worldly eyes (and already so, with the ink hardly dry on the text and papal response [if any] scarcely articulated). The Changist position achieved all it could expect to achieve against heaven last year, in making a simple 'language-event' of this call to walk together in witnessing to the Faith (anything else for this year was a matter of posturing and vainglorious hope in the Sovereign Pontiff's own vagaries [or vagueness]). Walter Cardinal Kasper's firework-fall has indeed made Lucifer's leap seem like a mere sparkler - for even the Holy Father has lifted not a finger to protect him and promote his errors in the Synod - this, however, was but a spectacular sideshow to the real event .. that of reducing all and everything to the sore point of misunderstood human sexuality (and a specific deformity of this great gift from God: contracepting unions); after all, the real struggle for the faithful Catholic only now begins as the battle cries fade away ..


Michael Dowd said...

We live in interesting times. It is a time of testing. Most will fall for Pope Francis' Catholicism lite where consciences can confirm anything you think is OK. Gone is all the rigidity. Gone is the Cross. Jesus is reimagined as a social revolutionary whose recent concern is climate change. Justice is now considered income redistribution. Mercy for everybody. Sin is dancing with salvation. As the song goes:
Come on get happy
Chase your cares away
Shout Hallelujah, come on get happy
Get ready for the judgment day

Sun is shining, come on get happy
Lord is waiting to take your hand
Hallelujah, come on get happy
We're going to the promise land

S. Armaticus said...

The way I look at it, it could have been far worse. Mundabor has a great analysis that explains the manner in which a Catholic document should be read. I think most bishops will read the document with a proper mentem Ecclesiae. Those that don't never would have to begin with. There will always be heretics. Jesus had Judas and nothing has changed.

Here is the link.

Anonymous said...

Is there an English Translation available anywhere, anyone?

TLM said...

With the way this Synod was progressing, I think there were a lot who actually thought that the Final Report would say "Adultery and Homosexuality according to the evolving doctrine of the Catholic Church has been declared acceptable and there is no sin in either of these archaic moral teachings". When it didn't, there are most who are declaring VICTORY! Modernists don't usually use the nuclear option. They are sly, sneaky, ambiguous and purposely confusing, just EXACTLY how this document reads. No, they didn't achieve total heresy as they were clamoring for, but there is enough wiggle room to make them semi comfortable. I liked the NYT headline that said that the Church opened the door to divorce and remarriage by just a 'CRACK'. Well well, just enough wiggle room for the smoke of Satan to slither on in......all he needs is just a 'crack' in the fissure and wella......he's IN!

And from what I hear, some of the Cardinals are talking about the 'New Church' being born. Hmmm.....'New Church'? Can anyone say Anne Catherine Emmerich and her 'New Church Prophecy'? Look it up if you haven't lately.....she explains almost to a tee what is now going on in the Church.

TTC said...

A. Armaticus--true, it could have been worse, but I don't have the optimism Mundabor has.

Fr Z is much more where I'm at!

TTC said...

Anon, I don't think there is an English version of entire document. Only controversial paragraphs which I am sure you have found and read.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

As you might have seen by now, Carol, I must concur with you. Some of our number are taking false positive cues. Think of it; we should be overjoyed because a Church document is nebulous instead of outright heretical? That's absurd and shows the depths of depravity to which our shepherds (as a whole) have fallen.

Hesketh said...

Mundabor is much more realistic regarding Bergoglio than Michael Voris, that's for sure. However, he takes refuge in the fact that a Pope cannot proclaim formal heresy and that the disorder and chaos that is likely to come forth from the various conferences of bishops is part and parcel of the spirit of Vatican II confusion that will have to be resisted.

Anonymous said...

Francis appointed a MONK who is not even a priest to have voting power. So when we read something passed by one vote...... go figure.....

Clare said...

THIS needs to go viral:

Mighty men of God.