Saturday, October 17, 2015

Is Pope Francis Executing "Voice of the Faithful" Democratic/Counterfeit Church?

When 'voice of the faithful' was setting up its headquarters here in Boston many moons ago (which I spoke about here), they had a Visio diagram of what they called a 'democratic church'. It was carefully thought out, with many levels that essentially separated Catholics from the Catechism and Sacraments, dismantled the Vatican and wherein the deposit of faith was developed by vote in town hall-ish meetings where all ideas were in play.

There were no authoritative moderators in this model. Nobody in the room to say "just a minute there sonny-boy, that idea is a heresy".

No distinction between God's ideas and the devils. Ideas were presented and they were voted upon at every level.

There was a component that focused on Catholic education which some wealthy donors in the Democratic party with ties to Boston College were spearheading. Jack Connors was involved with the plan which essentially was people with money told the Cardinal what could be taught in Catholic schools and the Cardinal took the money taught whatever the wealthy people said he could teach. Or not teach. (Cardinal O'Malley helped Jack Connors get this fully implemented in Boston.)

There was a political component that involved communists (starting in Cuba). This was a pet project of...wait for it...Jack Connors! (Cardinal O'Malley helped Jack Connors get this ball rolling too. Roped-a-dope-of-a-pope.)

Many times in this pontificate, I have observed and heard Pope Francis and said to myself "This looks/sounds/walks like that sleazy little diagram circulated by Voice of the Faithful."

I probably have a copy in my 'church' library of documents in my basement!

When they passed it out, they would sometimes go into a creepy semi-trance and repeatedly chant the phrase "we need safe places" (which I later found out came from the gay community). Sometimes, they would even call the meeting "we need safe places".

I have been especially conscience of this diagram over the course of the last year during the 'synod' process when they were acting like they had the power to vote on doctrine--while deceptively pretending their proposed changes were not changes to doctrine.

Take today for instance, when I found this post over at Fr. Z's reporting the Pope explaining he wants to transform the papacy into a 'synodal church' of the... voice of the "faithful".

You can tell Fr. Z is steaming under the collar as he translates the Holy Father's words. LOL.

The sensus fidei prevents a rigid separation between the Teaching Church and the Learning Church, since even the possesses its knack (sense of smell, sniffing out ability- fiuto) to discern the new paths that the Lord is opening up to the Church.

It was this conviction that guided me when I prayed that the People of God would be consulted in the preparation of the twin synodal meeting on the family

You know what the Holy Father's problem might be? When he sniffs something, he can't tell when he's smelling roses or poopoo.

Let me tell you the people of God who Pope Francis didn't consult.

Parents who have been burdened by priests who have told two generations of Catholics that it is ok to sleep around, commit sodomy, live together, use contraception and a hierarchy that doesn't give a flying fig about it.

There are a couple of million of us. Yet, strangely, our voices are not among the faithful telling the bishops what the problem actually is, and what kind of support our families need from our priests and bishops and pope. Each time a bishop tried to represent us, they got a ride on the end of the Pope's shoe.

Fr. Z also translates the Pope's idea to disassemble the Holy See, and as Fr. Z says, this is where the real fireworks begin.

He intends to weaken, if not gut, the Roman Curia...He then goes on about the Petrine ministry in a Synodal Church and repeats the phrase “una conversione del papato … a conversion (in the sense of “transformation”) of the papacy”.

Our gaze extends also to humanity...a world which...often consigns the destiny of entire populations into the greedy hands of restricted groups of the powerful. As a Church that “walks together” with men, participates in the travails of history, let us cultivate the dream that the rediscovery of the inviolable dignity of peoples and the exercise of service of authority will be able to help also civil society to be built upon justice and on fraternity


Folks, the verdict of the jury is in: We've got a real nutter on our hands.

And here is the kicker: The Holy Father also seems to be proclaiming the outcome of this insidious circus is binding.

If you have not signed the petition asking the bishops to walk out of this counterfeit structure, today might be a good day to do so. Link HERE.


I recommend today's Russ Douthat's NYT article on Pope Francis' plot to overthrow the Catholic Church as required reading!

As is Fr. Ray Blake's observations on the smoke of satan materializing before our eyes.

If Pope Francis truly believes he can produce a document contradicting Church teaching and dismantling Christ's Church and he has the "last word", his theological problems are not his only flaw. He is suffering from a fatal misunderstanding of the hand that rocks the cradle. This is clearly a harvest between the angelic and demonic and the role of the baptized is to make the distinction between good and evil to those being led into temptation and sin.

Has he seriously impacted our efficacy?

Undoubtedly, he has. But the onus for that millstone must be tied around his own neck. It will be sad news for his papacy and the Church, but we will rise to the occasion, as many saints have done in the past.

It sure is looking like he's going to do it, but I don't know if he actually will. He could end the stupidity by ratifying Church teaching and telling his see they must follow. There are many reasons why this is not likely. Chiefly, one does not build a megaphone in St. Peter's Square and surround our families with heretics that tell us the God of surprises has caught up with the sexual revolution and now loves sins and silences virtue.

Should he do so, the 'last words' in the family will pin a tail on his backside, place long pointy ears upon his head and point out his great big wolf teeth ready to devour.


TLM said...

I'm going back to read the links in a minute on the 'Democratic Church' and the 'required reading':) but, this sure looks like what you have explained. By George, I think you've got something here!' If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, yes indeed it's a little 'demon duck'. What I have often called to mind in recent events is the prophecy of Padre Pio: 'The smoke of Satan will enter even unto the shoes of Peter'. Pope Francis wears the 'black' not the 'red'. PRAY!!!!! PRAY THE ROSARY EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!

TLM said...

Oh and BTW, someone correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Anne Catherine Emmerick talk about
'The Counterfeit Church'? Holy Schmo, it's one thing to look at prophecy and know these times are coming, and quite another to actually LIVE THEM. No wonder our Dear Blessed Mother is always weeping. May she keep us all safely tucked away under her precious Mantle.

Anonymous said...

Schism, schism, schism, whoa brother we're in for stormy weather. These are the days the Saints wanted to live, let's make them proud!

Michael Dowd said...

I made this comment on Ross Douthat’s article yesterday.

Michael Dowd New York Times
Venice, Florida

What we are seeing at the Synod with Pope Francis and the progressive Bishops and Cardinals is the advocacy of man over God that began with the heresy of Modernism in the late 19th century, went dormant for a while and re-emerged in Vatican II with the conniving of leftist theologians. Now in full flower since the advent of Pope Francis the “spirit of Vatican II” is attempting to eliminate the very idea of sexual sin. This can only be the work of the devil.

And while the devil is hard at work at the Vatican most Catholics effectively live very Protestant lives free of historic orthodox Catholic sexual moral beliefs as they practice contraception, abort babies, divorce, cohabit and carry on just like everyone else. Now since the practice of Catholic sexual morality is mostly observed in the breach the progressive Synod participants are just trying to bring the official doctrine in line with actual practice. Such is the result of the failure to proclaim and support Church teaching for the last 50 years.

In this regard let us hope the Synod is a dismal failure. And more importantly let us hope Pope Francis and the participants have an awakening of the damage caused to the Church and the world by the tragic outcomes of Vatican II.

TLM said...

Sadly, very very sadly Michael, doesn't seem like that is going to happen. The Pope wants to 'decentralize' the Papacy and give the reigns to individual 'regions' to decide how to carry out doctrine. The entire 'decentralization' is the exact opposite of 'Catholic', meaning 'One.....Universal'. If he actually does what he says the Pope will effectively destroy the entire meaning of 'Catholic'.........brings to mind his idea that: "There is no Catholic God".

Michael Dowd said...


Hope you are wrong about this as it would be devastating blow to the Church effectively creating 100's of Protestant denominations. It would effectively be the end of the Catholic Church. Maybe Pope Francis is the last Pope. I think if this happened Pope Francis would ipso facto excommunicate himself and the faithful Cardinals would have to elect a new Pope who would reign over the 'Orthodox' Catholic Church or whatever it would be called. Anyway it would seem we are at a signal moment in history, perhaps even the end of history. May God have mercy on us all.

TLM said...

If you go back to his Saturday Address to the Synod Fathers, you can read it yourself. He actually used the words 'decentralize' in referring to the Papacy and giving Bishops the ability to 'solve their problems' locally according to the needs of their individual flocks. The NY Times even has an article about him 'disassembling The Church'. If he indeed tries to carry this plan out, I don't know WHAT would really happen, but it would definitely be the end of ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC CHURCH......THE UNIVERSAL CHURCH. It would create chaos to the volcano level.