Friday, October 16, 2015

Bishops 'pastoral' plan to obstruct and undermine Sacrament of Absolution

From the Schismatic Reporter:

Amid 93 speeches Wednesday and Thursday by the some 270 prelates at the ongoing Oct. 4-25 Synod of Bishops, many reportedly referred to that question and expressed widely differing views.

One key issue: whether there could be any possibility for divorced and remarried people to take on some sort of “penitential path” that would eventually allow them to receive the Eucharist.

A penitential path that absolves sins other than the Sacrament of Confession, separation, pursuing Pope Francis quickie Catholic divorce and entering into a Sacramental marriage?

How does Pope Francis reconcile the theology that this 'penitential path' could only be applicable to one or two types of sleeping around and not sins against all ten commandments?

The curiosity is killing me.

Why wouldn't a rapist be able to continue to rape without walking on 'some sort of penitential path that would eventually allow them to receive the Eucharist'?

As the pastoral letter written by 13 bishops, which the Pope ridiculed, confirms, such a path would cause the collapse of entire doctrine on sins against every commandment and Sacramental absolution and Salvation.

The deliberate deception of our people by prelates under the influence of the devil indicates they live their own lives walking a 'penitential path' right past the Confessional.

Thank God for the nuns and priests whose instruction led us to the absolution of our sins and the reception of Sanctifying Grace. If they had tried to implement this thirty years ago, when I was walking past the Confessional and Sanctifying Grace, I was easy pickins to follow them into the pit.

This post at Rorate is highly recommended reading.

To think we have another ten days of 'help' from these blaggarts is not edifying!


TLM said...

I also read that the idea has been floated in this Sodomy Synod to go to 'General Confessions'. You know, where they have a 'Penitential Service' for the faithful and after you've examined your conscience and confessed your sins just to the Lord silently the Priest gives everyone a blanket absolution? The Bishop that floated this one said the reason being, that people that were intimidated by the process of Confession could 'ease into it' in this way. The law of 'gradualness' as followed by all the modernist heretics. As I've said before, they are not only out to destroy the Holy Eucharist, they are out to destroy ALL THE SACRAMENTS!!!! These are extremely dangerous people.

Anonymous said...

Here's a concern I've yet to hear expressed. It's fairly common that a "divorced and civilly remarried" couple is comprised of an attractive woman (possibly divorced herself) and a middle-aged man who left his first wife for the 2nd, and the first wife remains in a state of grace (not remarried). I have seen this many times and would not be surprised if it's the most common "divorced" arrangement of Catholics.

Now, does it strike you that by "reaching out" and "including" and "making a path" for the now-twice adulterous man (and possibly his new wife), the Church is siding with an unrepentant sinner? BUT MORE IMPORTANT, the Church is siding AGAINST the more virtuous person? Abandoning the middle-aged single woman, no special outreach for her! A woman alone, or possibly rearing the children of the first marriage, true to her faith, rejected by husband, then society and now the Church!!!

Finally, the Church if she creates a formal path or local custom or any of these ideas, further damages the wronged spouse and children by barring the possibility of reconciliation. Even with some vague "encouragement" to the adulterers to stay together, the Church is establishing a quasi-marriage for them, endorsed ONLY by the State. It is lauding and approving an "irregular" bond. This is the "easy way out," "path of least resistance" that will become standardized over time and more the norm.

What if wife #2 dies? What if hubby realized he made a mistake? I have seen this happen 3 times, it's not commonplace, but not impossible. People married in the Church with a full life and kids etc hit a mid-life snag, get divorced, are encouraged by therapists, family and friends to pursue divorce... and some years later realize it was a mistake. Thru various paths, they end up remarried! The children, grown or not, are always ecstatic, interestingly. So the Church WILL BAN this potential for the kids and for 2 married people, by hyping and promoting the second marriage as valid, formally or not.

Nellie said...

Pewsitter is exploding with articles. What a mangled mess of garbage.

DJR said...

So the Church WILL BAN this potential for the kids and for 2 married people, by hyping and promoting the second marriage as valid, formally or not.

And who's to say that even the second marriage is valid?

If a person couldn't get it right the first time, what makes anyone believe that the second one would be right?

If, as the pope seems to believe, 50% of all marriages are invalid, wouldn't that statistic include a percentage of SECOND marriages as well?

How many bites of the apple does a person get nowadays?

Anonymous said...

Confusion if the work of the devil, nuf said.

Michael Dowd said...

Long ago the Bishops obstructed and undermined the sacrament of confession following Vatican II. Now, in their progressive minds, since hardly anyone goes to confession anymore and the cohabiting and adulterous parishioners go to Communion without compunction and with the tacit approval of the priest why on earth would anyone care if the Church did a little formalizing of this comfortable arrangement at the Synod. That is evidently what Pope Francis and others think. And they probably view orthodox Catholics as rigid old cranks who haven't let the wonderful Spirit of Vatican II enter their souls. And they don't understand why we don't see Pope Francis himself as the 21st century embodiment of Christ who in His abundant "mercy" has brought Church sexual morality up-to-date having had a change of heart over the last 2000 years and also thinking there would be no one to meet Him when He came again.

There must be something wrong with us, don't you think? Pope Francis does for sure.
We just don't get it. As he would say, we are just plain stupid. For me, I plan to stay with the "stupid party".

Anonymous said...

Not to worry. We can all safely apply Cupich's Jiminy Cricket Theology to whatever sin grabs us - give a little whistle and let your conscience be your guide!

caroline said...

Well, in my parish--in a supposed effort to save money--- there is only one priest available on Saturday's. So, too bad if the line is around the corner before the vigil, there's only one priest and he's celebrating a wedding Mass. You have to wait till the marriage certificate is signed at the altar and all the wedding pictures are finished. Then, when Father finally arrives, he says to all the waiting faithful..."we'll have to be loving but quick." If I were a new Catholic, I would think reconciliation as just a 'bother' to the very busy, highly educated priests...People try to come early enough for weeks at a time and can't 'get in.'

Did I mention he is a Jesuit? +

Anonymous said...

I always hear the feminist claims of the "man leaves his poor wife and gets remarried". Actually, women file for 75% of divorces in this country. Among college educated females, it is ACTUALLY 90%. WOMEN initiate divorce 90% of the time and are more likely to cheat than men. Sometimes there is the appearance that the man left the woman for someone else if a man gets remarried, but go check the divorce records. More than likely the ex-wife filed for the divorce. Women LOVE divorce and are brainwashed by secular humanist society that it is always an option, and and it is the 'cool' 'hip' trendy thing to do.

I was married in the Catholic Church. I am Catholic, grew up Catholic going to mass every Sunday never missing. I was married in the Church to a Catholic female that decided after a 1 1/2 years of marriage to file for divorce on me. I discovered a month after the divorce that she was already with someone traveling around the country with the loser, which indicated that she met the loser while we were still married. She was encouraged by therapists and friends and sisters to divorce, because's the hip cool female empowerment choice to make.

She filed for 'annullment' with the Church so she could continue her adultery and get remarried. I had no choice but to respond to the annullment that the Church sent to me. I then received a letter in the mail telling me to check with my parish as to whether the marriage was even granted an annullment. I never even bothered because an 'annullment' is nothing but a Vatican II circumvention of divorce.

All said and done.... I was made out to be some kind of horrible weird single man while she was made out to be a wonderful woman remarried with kids that chose the "healthy and empowered" divorce option. This occurred years ago, but today I am looked down upon by everyone as some single weirdo. This is a sick backwards society we live in today. Absolutely sick. I found out very quickly in my life that 99% of people in this society are nothing but secular humanists. I've seen the true nature of females in society. Most females do not really believe in a Christian God. They love divorce. They lie. Are sexually promiscuous. They slander. They are easily brainwashed by satanic hollywood and mainstream media. They date and marry drug addicts, criminals, atheists, "bad boys", etc. Good moral men with values are viewed as unattractive and lame by females. I've seen the true nature of females, and today's problems in society can be blamed on them. They'll choose welfare and being a 'single mommy' over a marriage as well. Women are sick by nature. Sick.

Christ said that the gates of hell will never prevail against the church. For now they HAVE. Vatican II, actively gay priests, actively gay nuns, circle shaped churches that don't even face east, a Jesuit freemason pope, etc. I would say that now we have entered into a point in time where it will finally be determined whether or not the existence of Christ and the Catholic church is a made up story or if it is real. What will prove it? The chastisements of the Third Secret of Fatima. With the church in the state it is in, with no return (right along with secular humanist society), I don't see how it can be allowed to continue without the full culmination of the chastisements being implemented. If no physical chastisement takes place by October of 2017 (100 years since Fatima), then I would say that the Catholic Church is nothing but a myth and is fake and based on a hoax. just like Islam. No different.

TTC said...

I'm sorry about your experience with marriage. Sounds like you picked a winner which is more about a character judgment mistake than anything else. I know many people who, after making a bad judgment on picking a spouse, go right back to picking another love interest with the same characteristics or they go into a tailspin and blame everything but what really went wrong. I sense that here. I would pick up some good books about making good choices with women. Perhaps you are caught up in being attracted to personalities that are dramatic or 'bubbly' but without good spiritual content. That is easily fixable and you have the ability to find happiness.

There is also happiness in being single and connected to intimacy with Christ through the Sacraments. But it doesn't sound like that is going on here because of your conclusions -- which I am confounded by!

How would the devil's handiwork during a harvest mean Christ and the Church is a made up story. It seems you have fallen into despair. This is a battle between the principalities and if not the final harvest before Christ's return, is certainly a major one.

You have a front row seat to the crucifixion of Christ's Mystical Body. There will be a resurrection. Tune into what is happening spirutally and why though some good reading. I would recommend Bishop Fulton Sheen's Life of Christ - and St. Catherine Emmerich's Life of Christ which will give you a glimpse into the spiritual world around us--very relevant to what is happening as we speak.

You seem to be looking for a dramatic event or sign Thomas. You've even given yourself a time in which this will happen. Fuggetaboutit and get yourself into a state of Grace through the Sacraments and stick yourself to Christ's Church. It is your refuge.