Saturday, October 31, 2015

Pope Francis Post-Synodal Exhortation

Earlier this week, the Vatican announced Pope Francis will publish a post-synodal exhortation.

The expectation is, Pope Francis will give the appearance priests and bishops have doctrinal authority through a private and confidential nudge-and-wink to unrepentant adultery. He then will advise these individuals be given leadership roles at the parish to show the children how to navigate through the 2000 years of erroneous Catholic doctrine.

The exhortation will give the deceptive appearance his replacement of Christ's suggested practice of confessing and abstaining from sins with his nudge-and-the-wink-track, is infallible teaching.

The Catholic 30 day dump your spouse program and the nudge-and-wink track is about all about helping the children.

They are always helping our children!

I will say once again that theologically, this obstructive course from the absolution of sins could not possibly be applicable to one addiction to sins against the Commandments.

If they're going to de-program the children about the sin of unrepentant adultery in multiple marriages, this is applicable to every form of addiction to sin against the sixth Commandment.

If the Pope Francis nudge-and-wink-program is applicable to sins against the sixth commandment in divorce, how could this discriminatory practice exclude Catholics living together?

What about the virtue of a husband's devotion to the vow of marriage by mercifully taking on a lover when his wife turns into a miserable witch?

Theologically, if they are going to 'walk with' addictions to sex, why not 'drive' get away cars in bank robberies to help the poor in the year of mercy?

Why not 'sit' and smoke a crack pipe!

Christ's Institution of the absolution of our sins wasn't working out for them. It's time to show the children the real leadership of the institution that welcomes unrepentant sin.

In the future, Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton could become "Eucharistic ministers" in a parish near you.

Bruce Jenner could take a role in the Pontifical North American College.

Larry Flint could take over interior decorating of Churches.

When it comes to implied error of Catholic teaching and virtue of immoral affectations and practices of Catholic leaders, the sky is the limit.

I hope he calls the apostolic exhortation to show children how to practice their religion in the face of 2000 years of theology he doesn't have the power to change, "Catholic Friends with Benefits".

You've all no doubt heard Pope Francis is recording and releasing a 'pop rock' album called - get this - "Wake up!"

The Holy Father collaborated with culture of death magazine Rolling Stone. I'm guessing Miley Cyrus was too busy?

Here's the irony of ironies: His latest song is called "Why do the children suffer?"

I can answer that. The same impurity and sin you are feeding them as the cure for their suffering.

If he proceeds on this trajectory, it will of course be the waterloo of his pontificate. Practicing Catholics will be forced to say sunt mala quae libas, ipse venena bibas.

Then the real fun begins.


Anonymous said...

When one sin falls they all fall. No more sin. Why did we need a Savior? Then "there is no God" is the only conclusion. No Catholic Church. This Pope is simply terrifying to good catholics everywhere.

Michael Dowd said...

Agree in principle but guess Pope will take more incremental approach in the devilish
"spirit of Vatican" involving some sort of pastoral guidance mumbo-jumbo.