Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pride goeth before the fall.

I wasn't sure what Fr. Z was speaking about when he posted this morning about a lot of tension in blogosphere and advised temperance and prayer.

Lot’s of tension and conflict right now… following the Synod. That brings to mind something about trees and fruit…. what was that quote again?

It's something like good trees don't produce bad fruit and bad trees don't produce good fruit.

We all know what he's talking 'bout!

I later came across Donald McClarey's post about the Voris dust up. I had a better understanding after reading Donald's final paragraph. This is out of character for Donald who is typically a gentleman (like our bear).

Rational, faithful Catholics are not very happy about being Church Militant's bullying of whistleblowers.

The Pope is the problem, not the Catholics articulating the damage he is doing to the people they love. And he knows it.

Michael has been more than good to Boston Catholics and I'm truly sorry to see him making an ass of himself and his ministry.

By claiming the important credentials to articulate theology correctly is a degree in journalism, he is undermining the very Sacraments he claims to be defending.

The properties come from Sacramental Grace. And there is more abundant fruit of that in blogosphere than the Pope's Synod. And again, he knows it. He would be wise to stop shooting the messengers.

Bear nails the attributes of a Catholic evangelist HERE.


StevenD-Jasper said...

I got banned from commenting on Church militant because I criticized the Pope. So I canceled my premium membership.

breathnach said...

Voris' commitment to "professional journalism" is on a par with his colleagues at CNBC.