Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Reports of the retreat of heretics at the Synod

I'd love to feel as hopeful as our faithful bishops who are reporting an abandonment of heresy, but I just don't believe these men are going to give up their life-long dream of bastardizing teaching that leads to salvation.

I love this quote from the LMS Chairman's blog.

I would strongly suggest to all Catholics that, if the conservatives at the Synod declare victory, we should congratulate them heartily, and then start digging an air-raid shelter in the garden.

Unless the Holy Father retreats on his expressed wishes to deceive the people about the power of bishops to contradict Church teaching in every diocese, this is going to become a local battle, until the smoke rises again in St. Peter's Square.

There is however, good news to report.

Get your hankies ready: The Germans are reporting they are 'sad and dismayed'.

Cry us a river.

Additionally, and this conspiracy needs our prayers, a very peculiar allegation surfaced that the Pope has a curable brain tumor, which is being caricatured as groundwork to claim his judgment may be seriously impaired, in the event he suggests something heretical.

Yes folks, there is yet another hermeneutic. The "hermeneutic of suspicion".

They are suspicious all right.

This is a very serious matter, and everyone is this reum is under the suspicions.


Anonymous said...

Commonwoe and the National un-Catholic Reporter think otherwise:

From "Split Decisions" by Grant Gallicho at Commonwoe:

Today the Holy See published final suggestions from the small groups before the synod drafting committee submits its summary document for voting this Saturday. On the most contested issue—whether the church should do something about the question of Communion for the divorced and civilly remarried—the synod fathers seem evenly split. (Even while few said they completely rejected to the idea.) Some who favor taking action suggested that Pope Francis appoint a special commission to study the problem. Others proposed addressing the issue on a case-by-case basis through the “internal forum,” that is, a spiritual discernment in concert with a priest, perhaps with guidance from the local bishops conference or even the Holy See itself, which might lead to reconciliation and Communion.

From "German synod group outlines Communion path for remarried, other groups wary" by
Joshua J. McElwee at the National un-Catholic Reporter:

The group of German speaking prelates at the ongoing Synod of Bishops — which includes a rather diverse range of so-called progressive and conservative voices [including CDF Prefect Cardinal Muller] — has presented a way that certain divorced and remarried Catholic persons might be allowed to take Communion in the church. But while their arguments are being echoed by prelates of at least one other language group at the gathering, they have clearly not found support in others — which have closed all openness to any possibility on the matter.

Michael Dowd said...

Pope Francis seems to be losing his grip on proceedings. His days as a simple pious gadfly who tells the secular world what it wants to hear are hopefully over. Glad to see the Holy Spirit is on the job.