Thursday, October 22, 2015

Good Article on the Danger Ahead

Rorate's post HERE is required reading!

This is the kind of priest the sitting pope has unchained and unleashed and led into our homes and families.

I saw a headline today that said Could the Pope tear apart the Church.

He has jockeyed himself into a position to do much better than tear the Mystical Body of Christ apart. He can inflict the mortal wounds that lead to Death.

And the most painful part of the process is acknowledging the spiritual homicide happens to the people we love, in our homes, families. He is ripping them from the tools of salvation and introducing them to their new leaders gog and magog. He is alienating them and I do not see how we could ever recover them. He has forever caricatured the Deposit of Faith, and those who practice it, as an error he tried to fix.

Even if this attempt to dismember Christ's Body is a miserable failure, he will forever be remembered as the pope who couldn't formally introduce sodomy. adultery and polygamy, but institutionalized the nudge and the wink.

As Michael is reporting HERE, many are now acknowledging the papacy is a failure.

So now, the Pope is caught — thanks to those around him — and appears to have very little room to maneuver. A pope who is hemmed in on all sides is the growing perception here in Rome and the reason for the observation on the part of sources in the Vatican that he would only receive 10 votes if the conclave were held today.

There is even much talk from all quarters that, following up on his own prediction last year, the Pope may resign at some point next year — something impossible to confirm. It might still be too early to make a call on whether this papacy is a failed one or not, but for faithful Catholics, one thing is certain: We must always love and pray for the Holy Father who is besieged on so many sides.

He is right about the prayers.

There are so many things I could repeat saying. Suffice it to say the idea the mafia has roped a dope of a pope just doesn't make sense to me at all. Janet hits the nail on the head HERE.

Here are the facts:

1. Pope Francis deliberately skirted elections of drafting committee to circumvent faithful bishops from defending doctrine in final.

2. The Holy Father then deliberately appointed bishops who are well-known for misleading their own flock to draft the relatio.

These two deliberate actions could lead to no other conclusion but the following:

3. Appointees have disclosed they intend to guide souls to polygamy, sodomy and adultery in local loci.

There was no other possible conclusion. He knew enough to obstruct faithful bishops from participating in the conclusion. There is no other place to go with it.


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