Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Synod Day 3: Fr. Lombardi appears to be running a gay press conference each day. I'm starting to smell a rat.

Remember last week when Fr. Lombardi made a curious statement contradicted everything we knew about the Holy Father's meeting with Davis, and it all strangely appeared like Fr. Lombardi could be a mouthpiece controlling Pope Francis' talking points at the bequest of the Roman lavender mafia?

I came across this story today about another strange press conference he orchestrated with Bishop Paul-Andre Durocher, Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli and Fr. Rosica that lasted an hour and a half.

You'll remember yesterday, Durocher made all kinds of statements that were wacked out.

Yet, here is Fr. Lombardi:

a) not reporting what faithful bishops said
b) reporting what unfaithful bishops said

It also turns out Bishop Durocher helped to author the 2014 Relatio leaving in heresies voted out.

Later today, our friends at pewsitter had this link to the excommunicated 'new ways' ministry reporting that Fr. Lombardi is having a gay press conference with Fr. Rosia EVERY DAY.

Here in Rome, the synod is basically a closed event. No reporters or the general public are allowed into the meeting room where the bishops are having their discussions. But every day at 1:00 p.m., the Vatican spokesperson, Father Federico Lombardi, is joined by international staff (including English speaker Father Thomas Rosica, CSB) and a few of the synod participants, to explain what transpired since the day before.

In the press conference, Durocher made the astounding claim that doctrine on adultery being a mortal sin could be framed as 'a discipline' and consequently changed, so that people committing adultery could be admitted to the Eucharist.

A real piece of work.

And get this:

“To be quite honest, there might be differences of opinion”

Yeah. Your opinion is different than the theology of Christ's Church.

The word "honest" is farcical.

A person running communications for a pope, in good faith, would not use this individual to articulate theology of Christ's Church.

Something stinks and it smells like a big smelly rat.

As an aside, Fr. Z has a completely different angle than I do of the Pope's interventions. He thinks the Pope was trying to throw Cardinal Erdo under the bus.

Very interesting.


Fr. Z and Edward Pentin are also getting a smelly smell from Fr. Lombardi's manipulative press conferences.


Damask Rose said...

I really think you're on the wrong footing here. I don't think Lombardi is working on his 'own' thing here. He's merely being the mouthpiece of Pope Francis. They're both Jesuits. You know, "mi casa es su casa" type of thing.

TTC said...

could be. I didn't mean to imply Pope Francis wasn't part of the lavender mafia,

Michael Dowd said...

This whole thing has a furtive East German Politburo feel about it complete with Synod participants walled in and silenced. The news of what is really happening comes from unidentified sources to be publicized by a samizdat press and various bloggers leaving it mostly to readers to attempt to discern the truth. One might come to expect that several dissident Bishops may simply disappear by the time the meetings conclude. If Pope Francis says he has a surprise for you quickly say your prayers.

JB said...

Guys like Francis are all trying to re-live the "glory days" of Vatican II. There's no need for any of this.

Damask Rose said...

"This whole thing has a furtive East German Politburo feel about it..."


"If Pope Francis says he has a surprise for you quickly say your prayers."

This reminds me of that film Notorious with Cary Grant, Claude Rains and Ingrid Bergman. I think it was the scene when Rains and his henchman are at dinner and the doctor there notices that Bergman has become ill (I think they start to poison her because they've discovered she's a double-agent). Anyway, Rains informs the doctor that he's to take a drive with one of the other henchmen...

Damask Rose said...

I'm not sure that Francis is lavender, but it just feels like 'something dirty' is going down at the moment...

Anonymous said...

The anti-church synod members mentioned that "culture" does not match up with the Church.
So if the Church went into the deepest jungle where they find a culture of head-hunters or to The Islamic State and find a culture of murderers and destroyers - what has the Church done in the past? Has it adopted head-hunting to match a culture?
Should the Church in Syria adopt crucifixion of Christians to match ISIS culture?

I say this Western culture is a wicked culture and it should be confronted with the Truth of Jesus - the Church of Trent!
Repent, Convert, do Penance - take up your bed and walk - do not wollow in the Hollywood/Woodstock culture of sin and filth!

The bishops are trying to cater to the rich powerful elites who parade as Catholics but are actually pigs with lipstick.

Jesus can save those pigs and He does it with Conversion - not lipstick!

Bishops - do NOT match the Church to the culture - even Catholic school kids know that is dumb!