Thursday, October 8, 2015

Synod Day 4: Pope Intervenes with Condenscending Screed

Pope Francis is urging the bishops gathered for the Vatican Synod on the Family not to give in to “conspiracy” theories, after 13 cardinals and bishops expressed their concern that the assembly is being manipulated in a progressive direction.

A little dig at Pentin. He should be proud of himself!

You may not like to have the facts articulated in the public square, but Catholics and parents complaining "a" Holy Father is appointing and surrounding our families heretics and apostates isn't a 'conspiracy theory', sir.

Anymore than Christian ethnic cleansing by the muslims is a conspiracy theory.

It just is what it is. Put your big boy pants on and take ownership of what you're doing.


You have to love the internet!

The Vatican responded to the dust up over the Holy Father's use of the word 'conspiracy' to discredit Catholics who renounce the heretical circus he is hosting.

At first Fr. Lombardi, no doubt in the spirit of transparency they are always yapping about, calibrated Pope Francis' remarks without the condescending 'conspiracy' caricature.

Fr. Lombardi had to revisit his statement when some prelate tweeted what was said by the Holy Father.

Lombardi confirmed Thursday that the pope sorta kind did use the word but said he wasn't obliged to make everything everyone says public.

The dispute underscored what veteran Vatican watcher John Allen called the "dirty little secret" of reporting on the synod: Journalists aren't allowed inside, and must rely on Vatican spokesmen or the participants themselves to recount after the fact what was said.

I'm afraid THAT isn't the only 'dirty little secret'!

Lombardi often consults with Francis or his secretaries about what to reveal about the pope's private conversations, and Francis has been adamant in insisting that the synod is a "protected" space where bishops should feel free to express themselves.

Sure, because the idea that every insult he hurls at faithful Catholics and every heresy encouraged will not leak never occurred to him!


Anonymous said...

I don't know why they need 3 weeks to figure out what's wrong with the family ? Father Patrick Peyton had the answer,
"The Family that PRAYS together stays together" so, figure out how you can get Families to designate a time every day
To pray together, put the electronics away for 15 minutes, pray, say Grace before meals - go to Mass together every Sunday and Holyday!
Simple time has to be put into it.

Also, hate to say it but what's going on sure sounds like prophesy, Bishop against Bishop. It's a very sad day when they can't get along!

Netmilsmom said...

Calling a known event a "Conspiracy Theory" is "disinformation"
It's a Soviet tactic.

Православный физик said...

Bishop against Bishop....May this synod be short, and this pontificate shorter.

Anonymous said...

1. All bishops, as far as I’m concerned, are careerist hacks. They will gravitate toward any Pope’s themes so they can be approved by the powers-that-be in Rome. I’m not just talking about Francis, here. While he was Archbishop of Denver, Charles Chaput not only criticized Supreme Court Justice Scalia as a “cafeteria Catholic” but also equated him to Frances Kissling, founder and president of Catholics For A Free Choice, for having the audacity to question JPII’s arbitrary, revisionist approach toward capital punishment.

2. If this Synod puts forth a final document that’s heretical in any form, it will destroy the notion that the Holy Spirit prevents the Church from teaching error. Also, it will reinforce the idea that Jesus gave Satan permission to destroy the Catholic Church within a century, according to Leo XIII’s vision in the 1880s.

Michael Dowd said...

Pope Francis is simply shocked, shocked that a conspiracy is going on at the Vatican. How rich! Spoken by the master manipulator himself. What we have here is the makings of a movie, part Godfather, part Dr Strangelove, part Shakespeare. It is all so very surreal and hard to believe it is actually happening. But it is, and it is BAD.