Sunday, November 1, 2015

Bishop Chaput Says it was Hopeful to Hear What So Many Heretics Were Teaching Their See!

Nothing going on here folks. Move along.

Differences among the synod fathers - including serious differences on serious matters - are part of the natural flow of discussion.

Observing bishops explain the heresy they teach to souls entrusted to their care is no more 'natural' than watching a mother put her children in her car and drive them off of a cliff.

It is supernatural and demonic, painful and stomach-turning.

He's talking like they watched it with a cigar between their teeth and a glass of Dewers in their hand.

deeply reassuring thing to see it alive in the intelligence and dedication of bishops from around the world gathered as brothers in one place.

There is nothing more reassuring than the intelligence and dedication of bishops diffusing the smoke of satan, that's what I always say.

This is a bit like that infamous letter Cardinal Law wrote to Paul Shanley about all the good things that came out of his priesthood.

I get the feeling Bishop Chaput doesn't have the faintest idea there are millions of victims of the wolves who watched a synod enable and applaud the 'brothers' he seems so entertained by.

It's all about the brotherhood to them.

Always has been. Always will be.

We should cultivate that peace in our hearts. We need to trust in God's Word, and we need to pray for and trust the Holy Father.

I also get the feeling he has no idea what has transpired with this pontificate.

Pope Francis is teaching our well-catechized children to dismiss the Deposit of Faith as irrelevant to their salvation.

The chances of practicing Catholic families 'trusting' Pope Francis are slim. We have been forced to tell our children not to trust him. They are not heeding this advice in most cases. The Holy Father has deprogrammed their souls better than any demon that has threatened the family in our lifetime.

I cannot think of a single person, not one, in the history of Christendom that has done more damage to the salvation of souls. Even Luther. He has destroyed the credibility of the tools for salvation, perhaps irreparably in some cases. Made it irrelevant to judgment on right and wrong, sin and virtue.

He's made a hero of himself by flinging dung on the Deposit of Faith. I can't see how a faithful Pope could ever undo the catastrophic damage we are experiencing to the minds and souls of the people we love.

Bruce Jenner stands a better chance of Catholic families peacefully entrusting the souls of their children to his ideas. At times, it's been hard to tell their ideology apart.

Russ Douthat rebounded back this week, saying he welcomes the war waged against him and his family, even as the Pope makes clear he has joined the forces of the culture of death. Russ's letter to the Catholic Academy is a must read for anyone who has had the misfortune of encountering the fruit of these idiots.

It certainly isn't a new war. Only a new territory.

Maybe they expected we would let them liquor up our children without fighting the current occupant in our Chair of Peter. I truly believe they thought we would let them pervert our children for sake of togetherness. We'do it for the Gipper.

It will be recorded as the most incomprehensible tactical error in the history of Christendom. It would be wise for Bishop Chaput to knock off the sweet-talk to surrender our children peacefully to the deceivers.

Give it a rest.

I can only see one way to reverse their hocus pocus with Church teaching.

If the Holy Father produced an apostolic exhortation that discredits his own synod and with flawless theology leads the people we love back to living every day in a state of Sanctifying Grace. Perhaps then he would stand a chance of avoiding the catastrophic alienation he has foisted upon his own papacy in the family.

I think the chances he spent two years surrounding our families with heretics to discredit the deposit of faith only to publish an apostolic exhortation saying all of his appointments are suffering from ghastly, morbid theological maladies that are lethal to the soul, is about as likely as hitting a million dollar scratch ticket.

Even if he does, I still don't think he will ever earn our trust. One never trusts a person who has ransacked your home and taken your most precious treasures. Even if that person attempts to return them.

Every time 'the brothers' assemble, I am reminded of Fr. Wilson's description of an episcopal conference in action:

Watching the bishops’ conference in action is like viewing the film of a train wreck over and over again. With bright-colored clowns hanging out the train windows, waving and blowing kisses. One only wishes one had a tomato.

And they healed the breach of the daughter of my people disgracefully, saying: Peace, peace: and there was no peace.


Anonymous said...

Insane is what it is, plain and simple, insanity!
Doing the same thing over & over expecting the same result, well ?

Michael Dowd said...

Thanks Carol. Good work on reporting on the bad guys. Anonymous above is correct. What's going on now is insanity. Why? Insanity often comes from following the ways of the devil.

And congrats on your Paypal button. It works!

TTC said...

Michael, thank you so much for your encouragement and your kind donation! I appreciate it more than you know.

Anonymous said...

"I get the feeling Bishop Chaput doesn't have the faintest idea there are millions of victims of the wolves who watched a synod enable and applaud the 'brothers' he seems so entertained by."

"It's all about the brotherhood to them."

"Always has been. Always will be."

"I also get the feeling he has no idea what has transpired with this pontificate."

Amen, sister! Chaput is nothing but a careerist invested in the system because he believe "the system," as opposed to God Himself, provides salvation! If "the system" collapses, then Chaput's faith will collapse. Woe to such confused men! They are Satan's ultimate tools.