Sunday, November 1, 2015

Russ Douthat's Letter to 'the Academy'

I referenced this letter in an earlier post today, but it's soooo good, it deserves its own post.

First, because if the church admits the remarried to communion without an annulment — while also instituting an expedited, no-fault process for getting an annulment, as the pope is poised to do — the ancient Catholic teaching that marriage is “indissoluble” would become an empty signifier.

Second, because changing the church’s teaching on marriage in this way would unweave the larger Catholic view of sexuality, sin and the sacraments — severing confession’s relationship to communion, and giving cohabitation, same-sex unions and polygamy entirely reasonable claims to be accepted by the church.

Now this is, as you note, merely a columnist’s opinion. So I have listened carefully when credentialed theologians make the liberalizing case. What I have heard are three main claims. The first is that the changes being debated would be merely “pastoral” rather than “doctrinal,” and that so long as the church continues to say that marriage is indissoluble, nothing revolutionary will have transpired.

But this seems rather like claiming that China has not, in fact, undergone a market revolution because it’s still governed by self-described Marxists. No: In politics and religion alike, a doctrine emptied in practice is actually emptied, whatever official rhetoric suggests.


We are experts in the stunt Pope Francis is trying to pull.

At the end of this post observing the chaos and destruction, our friends at Rorate ask "Why, why is the Pope doing this?"

We'll probably never know.

He seems to believe surrounding our families with effeminate priests and bishops spewing heresy is more clever than the catechetical practices of 2000 years of pope's before him.

All you can do is explain Catholic theology, show them their rotten fruit and ask them to stop. Just like we did when they did it in our schools, parishes, apostolates, at the Chancery and USCCB when they destroyed tens of millions of souls.

I couldn't count the number of times I did it. Maybe 1000. Out of all those times, only a few dozen or so ordained men approached the conversation because they were executing a stupid idea in good faith and wanted to know the truth.

The others respond with insults and slander and continue on their course.

Pope Francis appears to be the latter.

Scalfari revealed today that Pope Francis has told him his 'exhortation' will make claim that unrepentant adulterers are admitted to Communion.


Anonymous said...

I do not know what god or demon many of the synod cardinals like kaspar and marx worship ...... I can only speak for myself: my King is Jesus Christ and my Queen is The Blessed Virgin Mary and my role model is The Holy Family.

I have to get up early and go to work but I cannot go to sleep after reading the Papal interview without giving God that shout-out!

Why is the Pope quoting a synod of crackpots when he could be quoting Jesus Christ?

The "People of God" want more God - not less God!

This is bazaar ..,,,,,, absolution for pre-sins of adultry and sacrilidge within fancy shack-ups.

Ted Kennedy and John Kerry would we cannonized in such a church!

Michael Dowd said...

"Scalfari revealed today that Pope Francis has told him his 'exhortation' will make claim that unrepentant adulterers are admitted to Communion."

If the above is true the College of Cardinals must declare Pope Francis a heretic, recall him and elect a new Pope. Not doing so will put all of them at risk of going to hell.

Damask Rose said...

I'm sorry, but the way I see it, is that this man Douthat is just 'rattling chains' and just barking loudly. The final document from the Synod merely repeated the Church's procedure of the Internal Forum, which is a private matter between parish priest and adulterer anyway - and I am sure it was put there to appease the Kasperites, the same paras totally killed the notion of 'gradualism' and quoted Familias Consotias (spelling?). OK , so they went on and on about cohabitation whenI would have preferred they just call it out as a sin and tell couples to live chastely before marriage, but this is the Vatican II Church.

Douthat is stirring. He is just re-hashing the worries that we all had prior and during the Synod. OK so you can say that more sexual filth will seep into the Churchwith permission from liberal prelates, but this is just a sin anyway. A lot of commenters are saying that adulteres get Comunion anyway, perhaps practicing gays will too now, but they're all sinning. There are always going to be Catholics who will follow the True faith.

The Synod hasn't brought anything new in. As for Francis changes to divorce proceedings, perhaps a new Pope will alter this in the future...

It was a stacked Synod by Francis, and he still didn't get his way.

TLM said...

I would say you are correct, Michael, however, you and I both followed the Synod of Shame and saw with our own eyes and heard with our own ears the Cardinals who were pounding the drum for stripping our Church of her morality, and also the ones who were meekly making a half hearted attempt to stand for the truth of Christ in His Church. Of course if this really does happens he should be called out and removed but I wouldn't hold my breath.

Michael Dowd said...

Hey, Damask Rose, it's not over yet. Game 2 of the series is Francis court. I am sure he has some really good heresy-lite ideas up his sleeve. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Thank God for the maculinity and ordered-sexuality of Cardinals like Pell and Burke.

JB said...

What it will also do is "unweave" the authority of the pope himself. If we don't have to follow "let no man put asunder,"then we certainly don't have to follow "upon you, as upon a rock, i will build my Church."

All of Jesus's sayings are simply up for grabs as to what they mean.

This is where i see the Devil at work in the Vatican. He will destroy the papacy by way of undermining the binding nature of Christ's pronouncement on marriage.