Saturday, November 14, 2015

Cardinal O'Malley Commemorates the 500 Year Anniversary of Luther's Stampede Out of Christ's Church - A halloweenie treat!

Evidently, it is not obvious to the leadership in the Archdiocese of Boston that Catholics would not participate in an anniversary celebrating 500 years of the separation of millions of souls from the Sacraments of salvation.

Allow me, by way of example, to demonstrate the foolishness of 'commemorating' an 'anniversary' of a tragic event in the life of the Church:

When Monsignor Krzysztof Charamsa stood in St. Peter's Square with his boyfriend to denounce Church teaching on the Divinely-ordered use of human sexuality and encouraged his colleagues to do the same, this was a tragedy for him, all those watching whom he spiritually misled and scandalized and the Catholic Church.

One would not accept an invitation from Krzysztof Charamsa to celebrate the first anniversary of his separation from the Church by announcing your intention to go because you hope for his communion.

Get it?

It's the wrong time and the wrong place.

We have no business celebrating the substance.    It was a day this man threw his salvation into a toilet and flushed it.

Here's another example:

We would decline an invitation to celebrate the day marijuana was decriminalized.    If a bishop showed up at such an event under the guise he was going to teach about the usefulness of plants and the duty of humans to care for them, most of us could figure out the real reason why he was there:  He is encouraging the use of smoking dope.

Is there such a thing as a theologian with common sense in our Chanceries who would give counsel to the ignorant when such a suggestion is made?

Is there anyone there who says "Now wait a minute here. Let's think this through."?


Anonymous said...

O'Malley is a special kind of stupid.

I will NOT be celebrating Luther - other than celebrating his entry into hell.

I feel sorry for the millions of victems of Luther.

Anyone who lived before Vatican II knows that we Catholics got robbed!

I feel sorry for us Catholics too.

Anonymous said...

This is wrong on so many levels! First in general Catholics don't know what they believe, how about a few lessons?
2017 also is the 100th Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima, today especially this is of great significance !
What are the Cardinals plans of that? Will they disseminate those messages? I doubt it, in Her words, "God is much offended", whoa to the inhabitants of the Earth.

Left-footer said...

Drat! I've just trodden in some luther. I must scrape my shoe.

Anonymous said...

1517. - Luther began protestant deformation - celebrated by ding-bats.

1517. - Some Lodges of masons (I believe just Catholic stone workers) began "Liberalization" due to Luthers takeover of Cathedrals from the true Church. - another cause for celebration?

1717 - Satanic Grand Lodge of London formed - birth of the freemason abomination. Will this 300 year celebration time?

1917 - Masonic backers of Lenin and Trotsky (Rockefeller, Rothschilds, etc) help ogamize and fund atheist communist takeover of Othodox Catholic Russia. - time to party and share an Ecological Folly booklet in small groups of Catholics and KGB?

In 2017 the seed of Satan can celebrate 500 year protestant heresy, 300 year freemasonry or 100 year journey of communism from Moscow to the Obama White House and Vatican City (Actually we have all 3 in the Vatican).

Or a Catholic can celebrate the 100th aniversary of Our Lady of Fatima who will overcome all 3 abominations
plus convert Islam and everyone someday.