Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Rebuttal to movie "spotlight": Sins of the Press

Several weeks back, the Boston Globe and a handful of folks in the Chancery were all in atwitter-and-atwatter about the movie 'spotlight' which was marketed as 'a true story' of the Boston Globe 'investigation' into the sexually active ephebophiles in the 1960s and 70s.

I haven't seen the movie, nor do I know anyone who has, but I'm skeptical they honestly reported the genesis of the investigation was Richard McBrien, Walter Cuenin and a group of priests and lay people interested in overthrowing the structure of the Roman Catholic Church with a blueprint that is oddly identical to that of Pope Francis.

Cardinal O'Malley issued a statement that he couldn't wait to rush to the theater to see a movie about catastrophic corruption in the Church. Rather peculiar for a man who expressed his disinterest in the movie The Passion of the Christ.

Funny how he doesn't respond to our letters documenting spiritual abuse but will rush out to see a movie about how ignoring complaints once took a big chunk out of their backsides.

Aside from journalists, Cardinal O'Malley and a few handful of seniors from 'voice of the faithful', I couldn't imagine who would be interested in playing audience to another round of flogging the Corpus of Christ. After ten thousand apologies and eight years, malcontents continued to advance with malice and vengeance. Eventually, everyone realized these people had an antiCatholic agenda.

Most people eventually came to realize priests were being maliciously targeted. Many knew falsely-accused priests and saw their horrific treatment. We all watched as every vulture with a heretical agendas surfaced to advance their causes.

Dave Pierre did an excellent job in putting the history together in a book called Sins of the Press which I highly recommend. The book is being sold on Amazon. It's a great rebuttal.

The movie Spotlight was released on November 6th. It has piddled, grossing only $295 thousand opening week. As a comparison, Jurrasic World grossed $524.5 million opening week.

It appears to have broken a record for the lowest grossing movie in film history, beating "The BIG Balloon Adventure" which grossed $444 thousand in its opening week.

Not on the radar of the people in the pews.


Anonymous said...

In terms of your final point: Spotlight is only in limited release in 3 cities, so it's not yet had the wide opening to compare to the chart.

Anonymous said...

Frank appointed 2 archbishops who are barcelona and belgium
....most likely to be made cardinals..... sounds like an act of frank destruction.

Why not put Judas goats in charge of is sooooo cool!

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, Carol, your protest ignores one moral fact. One bad apple does indeed ruin the good ones. The fact is that neither the archdiocese nor the Pope did a damn thing about the sexual molestation of minors. They still don't care. For example, why is Daneels still a priest, let alone a cardinal, let alone a major influence on the current Pope?

O'Malley has been playing to a secular audience ever since his instillation. His reaction shouldn't be a surprise.

The biggest problem with the Catholic Church is that it fails to recognize how corrupting sin really is, especially to its leadership. It doesn't matter whether Catholic priests or bishops are liberal or conservative. It doesn't matter how bad the press may have acted. If the Church made a strenuous attempt to clean its own house, the press wouldn't have had anything to write about!

TTC said...


There's one thins in your post that practicing Catholics will wholeheartedly concur.

1. The coddling and protection of Daneels and the Holy Father's selection of him as an adviser tells us that all his talk about caring about the sexual sociopaths they ordain is a dog and pony show.

It's actually so 'in-your-face', it feels intentional, doesn't it?

However, the remainder of your post has the stink of a bitter old sea hag.

1. A handful of perverts does not 'ruin' 2000 years of Saints.

2. They gave the victims ten years of apologies, prayers, medical, financial and spiritual support and adopted the insidious policy of removing every priest, even when the allegation is impossible to be true. The lies and witch hunts of the press matter very much to the victims.

They turned the archdiocese into a cash cow for drunks, druggies and mentally and spiritually imbalanced.

We've resumed the business of the salvation of souls.

3. There is no such thing as 'liberal' and 'conservative' when it comes to physicians of souls. They are either faithful or heretics and it matters very much.

TTC said...

oh, and p.s.

When the bishops sought to relieve themselves of accountability by sitting our children down and telling them pornographic sex stories about their parents and relatives raping them, you people didn't give a rat's ass about their insidious abuse of children.

You are just as full of crap as they are!

Anonymous said...

Carol, if the Church really wanted to protect the good priests, it would have come down hard on those who abused their authority (no pun intended).

Anonymous said...

How to phrase this; without suggesting that the topic of the Church's evil against children isn't of never-ending, huge importance, my take-away from this movie was to refresh the negative image of Catholics in a news-world top-heavy with Muslim misbehavior. I would like to see the Globe and Hollywood filmmakers shine a "spotlight" upon the issue of adult male on child male rape prevalent and accepted in Islam. Let's get real. This movie would never have seen the light of day if money were the objective. Whoever funded this movie had no expectation of a box office bonanza. It was the intent to revive this story of Catholic Church evil. The movie allowed the story to worm its way back into the mainstream media.