Friday, November 6, 2015

Catholics Who Teach Their Families Right Judgment on the Ten Commandments (and ask the Pope to affirm Church teaching) Receive Another Slanderous Insult from Pope Francis

We are all pharaohs who don't care about the poor.

Pharaoahs, who lied and deceived, obstructed their people from the tools of salvation and enslaved them.

Practicing Catholics are getting sick and tired of slanderous character assassinations.

Several years back, I joined Facebook to network with Catholic prolife activists.

Facebook is not for the faint-of-heart for a variety of reasons. In spite of some inappropriate use and conduct, it is an excellent news source for local, national and international stories that affect Catholics. You learn of news stories within minutes of occurrence, fabulous Op Eds cross your news feed, unnerving first-hand news about the ethnic cleansing of Christians by the muslims, magnificent treasures of saints, mystics and artists - etc.

I took a passive role in 'friending', basically building my network by accepting friend requests. I have an impressive list of really smart Catholics and Christians.

It has been a most interesting adventure during this papacy.

Until last year's synod, most Catholics (including me) took a very careful approach to the skullduggery coming out of Pope Francis papacy, always giving him the benefit of the doubt. During last year's Synod and its Relatio, the Holy Father's intentions were revealed. Though incontrovertible, in the face of overwhelming evidence, some well-respected Catholics continued to make a case that children and families were not being victimized by the promotion of heresy.

These denials are not unlike the shoot-the-messenger conduct experienced when the bishops were ordaining and protecting homosexual ephebophiles.

Others (like our friends at Church Militant) have reservations because there are many spiritual dangers in holding a Pope accountable as the architect of the corruption.

I've watched people gradually but eventually wave the white flag as the evidence mounted.

One such gentleman, as these stories surfaced, a solid Catholic father, linked to them earlier this week and said with exasperation 'it is getting harder and harder to defend or even like this Pope'. Another light dawns on marblehead.

I have about a hundred stories of solid Catholic families who had somehow managed to navigate their children through the sea of heretical priests whose children now believe Francis has freed the Church from the truths in the Catechism. I won't elaborate upon them, but suffice it to say I know of none who have made it out of this papacy without a serious threat to their children's salvation.

What rational human being alive would 'like' a person hurting their family? The challenge of the situation is forcing yourself to pray for such individuals. And prayer is very much needed.

Shortly after the synod was over, I saw a picture of the Pope Baptizing a child of a 'friend' of his from Argentina - 50-ish old man with his second wife, a 27-year-old. The old man, clearly in the throws of a 'mid-life crisis', showed up to this Sacred Sacrament at our Vatican wearing a t-shirt with writing on it and a crazy-assed teenager hairdo. I couldn't help thinking this is the reason why the Holy Father was so invested in second marriages. The two teenage boys the man daddy-dumped were not present.

I learned today that Pope Francis placed another 'friend' over his see in Belgium, this effeminate-looking creature who has been a cheerleader for sex for priests and ordaining women.

Just the kind of fox a fellow in charge of the safety of chickadees would want in a henhouse.

I would have hired a private detective and confiscated his computer for forensics.

Pope Francis hand-picked his team and worked diligently with them to produce his product. He sent his couriers out to run the heresy flag up the flagpole. Not enough people saluted to feel comfortable taking ownership.

He has been able to slavishly build an edifice that obstructs the Deposit of Faith while simultaneously maintaining his innocence and claiming he is the victim of wild conspiracy theories from the enemies of Christ's Church. He distanced himself from his own creation to create a golden parachute in case it backfired. And backfired it has.

The fact that he's created a golden parachute tells us he is sitting on the fence.

But he's got to write the ending and put his name on it.

He is in the final squeezola. Between his clean hands certification and slander and the do-or-die issuance his official directive that priests quash and undermine Church teaching.

Another must read is Russ Douthat's Catholicsm For the Time Being.

Of course my critics, the supporters of what now appears to be Pope Francis’s clear agenda on second marriages and the sacraments, would retort that they aren’t the ones throwing lines like “welcome to the battlefield” back at their fellow Catholics; indeed, their whole (public) pitch is that the changes to the church’s marriage discipline that they support right now are just another form of muddling through, and that it’s only conservative hysterics (a group that includes an awful lot of bishops, cardinals and theologians, but I digress) who see some kind of radical discontinuity here, some sort of doctrine-shaking alteration, rather than a modest pastoral tweak.

IMHO, the Pope's real problem isn't the large lot of bishops, cardinals, theologians, its the millions of Catholic parents and grandparents whose trust and confidence he will never win back.

And it doesn't have anything to do with what he did or didn't do, said or didn't say in his ferocious battle for the soul of the Church.

It's because of what our children say after they listen to him. The undoing of 32 years of Catechesis, in spite of being surrounded by heretics.

His finger is on the pistol. If he pulls the trigger, he's waged war against the hand that rocks the cradle. We will do everything we have to do to pull the rug right out from underneath him.

I can guarantee one thing: When he sees what he has brought upon himself and turns around to ask for help from the sissies he's surrounded himself with, they will be nowhere in sight.


Sixupman said...

RT Television [Russian UK Service] lauding Franciscus to hish heaven this a.m.

Says it all, really.

Michael Dowd said...

Very good Carol. It would be interesting to survey Catholics, especially younger Catholics, on what they think Pope Francis believes about all the synodal issues. My guess is the resulting answers would be contrary to Catholic doctrine. If you asked them if they agreed with Pope Francis the answer would be a resounding yes.

Most of my kids love Pope Francis. One of them even thinks he is the best Pope in history. To be clear the kids that believe this are only occasional Catholics, a number of which are in "irregular" relationships. They see Pope Francis as a man for his times, one who understands the modern ways, a man of love and mercy. They look to him for approval, not direction.

The Catholicism of Pope Francis is essentially Protestantism which what most Catholics and for whom their religion is more a matter of culture or habit. They do conform their lives to their beliefs but these beliefs are mostly Protestant. Of course, none of this should surprise as it is all in the Spirit of Vatican II which is Protestant.

As Ross Douthat says, we will muddle along for awhile and then there will be a climatic collapse as the older Catholics die and there is no one to replace them. Maybe when that happens things will change for the better and we will have a smaller but more honest Church which actually tries to live life as Christ commands. Let us pray that it does.

Anonymous said...

Bruges? Really? Perhaps they haven't visited the Miracle of The TRUE Presence there? I ask one question of the Holy Father and I use that title loosely, what about the POOR of Spirit? Only God can intervene, He tried with absolute Miracles so now is the judgement.
He won't be mocked much longer, hold steady to the True Faith and what we were taught. Don't expect the church to teach the children.
I've noticed a clear lack of mention of Our Blessed Mother in talks by Francis, I read somewhere a Priest is not a good priest without some mention in every sermon of Our Lady. Whoa woe woe...

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to....."To omit nothing doctrinal on so important a subject, we now come to speak of the minister of the Sacrament, a point, however, on which scarcely anyone is ignorant. The pastor then will teach, that to priests alone has been given power to consecrate and administer the Holy Eucharist. That the unvarying practice of the Church has also been, that the faithful receive the Sacrament from the hand of the priest, and that the priest communicate himself, has been explained by the Council of Trent; and the same holy Council has shown that this practice is always to be scrupulously adhered to, stamped, as it is, with the authoritative impress of Apostolic tradition, and sanctioned by the illustrious example of our Lord himself, who, with His own hands, consecrated and gave to His disciples, His most sacred body. To consult as much as possible, for the dignity of this so August a Sacrament, not only is its administration confided exclusively to the priestly order; but the Church has also, by an express law, prohibited any but those who are consecrated to religion, unless in case of necessity, to touch the sacred vessels, the linen or other immediate necessaries for consecration. Priest and people may hence learn, what piety and holiness they should possess who consecrate, administer, or receive the Holy of Holies." (Council of Trent, Session 13, Chapter 8)