Saturday, November 7, 2015

Commission of Sin Against First Commandment in Sanctuary of Our Saviour Parish in NY

Former parishioners of Fr. Rutler at Our Saviour Parish in Manhattan are reporting more spiritual misfeasance from new 'pastor' Fr. Robbins.

Earlier this Summer, Fr. Robbins destroyed magnificent and historic icons in the Sanctuary.

Recently, Fr. Robbins invited the "hare krishnas" to come before the throne of the Living God and perform a ritual worshiping a false god.

Video of disturbing incident at Fr. Z's.

That is absolutely, without question, a sin against the First Commandment.

What will the pastor think of next?

Lessons on fellatio in front of the Blessed Sacrament?

Look at the handful of village idiots who sat catatonic and watched it happen.

Are you kidding me?


Anonymous said...

Wondering the timing of this and if Francis was in Town, ah! This is what happens when "everyone is Welcome"!
God Have Mercy!

TLM said...

This, I read on Fr.'s blog, took place in September. Cardinal Dolan needs to be reamed for allowing this atrocity to take place in A CATHOLIC CHURCH!!!! And the 'bimbos' just SAT THERE??!! I would have gotten up and said something juicy before walking OUT!! And invited others to follow me. Are these people catatonic or what??!! How long Oh Lord, How long???

TTC said...


I think I would have walked up and told them I was 'from the Archdiocese' and ushered them out the side door. My kids in the pews saying under their breath 'there she goes again!'

Anonymous said...

Thank God that the people of Hell's Kitchen have Father Rutler!
What a place for the rebirth of Catholicism in New York!
Too bad they will close that....if I lived in NY I would go there among a true priest, the true poor, the repentent sinners, and those who seek refuge or long to change their lives!
Keep Park Avenue and the zombies who would not stand up in defense of The Lord!
God bless Father Rutler who has helped save countless souls!

Anonymous said...

TLM, I heard a voice, it said, Not long.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Carol, did you see this?

This is NOT a coincidence - along with praying to "allah" in the Vatican gardens.

Anonymous said...

"Cardinal Dolan needs to be reamed for allowing this atrocity to take place in A CATHOLIC CHURCH!!!!"

TLM, Dolan doesn't give a rip about God, Christ or true worship. Neither does Wuerl, the man who chastised a visiting priest for refusing to give the Eucharist to a self-proclaimed "Buddhist lesbian" yet offers it to politicians who support abortion. Dolan and Wuerl are professional careerists who want power. Frankly, so is the vast majority of the membership in the USCCB, if not in the developed world, as a whole.

TLM said...

LOL....that's probably even a better idea TTC, would have gotten them all out of there. Seriously just as 'Restore DC Catholicism' has said, we need to start thinking about a plan of action when this kind of abomination actually happens in our OWN PARISH. My problem has always been trying to keep a cool head, and more importantly a civil tongue in my mouth when I am ENRAGED! It's a virtue I haven't been able to completely master yet. Heck, I don't even know if I could have kept myself from physical violence! Probably would have ended up in jail or something. Jesus have mercy on me and all of us!!

TLM said...

BTW, WHERE OH WHERE was Dolan pray tell??

Anonymous said...

Dolan was probably busy showing Francis the U.N.