Monday, November 9, 2015

We don't care about your stinking money. We are upset about the criminals robbing our children of their salvation.

"I know that many of you are upset by reports the past several days about confidential documents of the Holy See that were stolen and published," he told people gathered in St Peter's Square for the noontime Angelus.

The reference was to two new books released last week that contain papers that one or more Vatican employees illegally took and gave to journalists.

"So I'd like to tell you, first of all, that stealing those documents is a crime. It is a deplorable act that is not helpful," he said.

He thinks we are upset about people who steal papers?

If the crooks in the Vatican took every last paper, asset and in fact every last nickel, it would be of zero interest to Catholic parents.

Talk about a screwed up set of priorities.

They are all about making sure their money is protected from the psychopaths and sociopaths they ordained.

I have yet to see him raise an eyebrow at the thieves robbing the people we love of their salvation.

In fact, its just the opposite. He's called in the expert crooks to help advance their causes.

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Left-footer said...

Well said! Bergoglio is such a very trivial Pope.