Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Lions and Lizards and Monkeys, Oh My!

The profane use of a Consecrated Building for the Holy Father's  circus was a perfect illustration of his papacy.  The only thing missing were the profane mating  rituals he is foisting upon the uncatechized.

There is a plethora of  solid theology responding to the nefarious suggestion that pointing out the theological errors of the pope incurs an automatic sentence of excommunication, so I won't elaborate, but did want to point out that this is the same old tactic they have used for centuries to cover their wrongdoing, including the rapes of children.    The threat is beneath contempt.

That is all.


Catholic Mission said...

Profanation here of a different sort.

Latin Mass Societies' Mass is heretical

The present traditional Latin Mass is modernist

Anonymous said...

TTC, one addition, if it's ok!

"The only thing missing were the profane mating rituals he is foisting upon the uncatechized."

profane mating rituals using birth control.