Saturday, December 5, 2015

Once Again, Fr. Paul Garrity Uses His Bulletin for Heresy

For those of you lucky enough to be unfamiliar with this situation in Boston, Fr. Garrity is a personal friend of Cardinal O'Malley's. Upon Cardinal O'Malley's appointment to Boston, this personal friendship gave Fr. Garrity the license to cause serious harm to others without repercussion or consequence.

And boy, did he ever go to town.

The boldness of the safety his friendship with the Cardinal provides to him is positively scandalous.

The faithful are treated to outrageous misfeasance and malfeasance of the Sacrament of Holy Orders.

This case illustrates the lengths an Archbishop will and can go to in order to enable a priest's wrongdoing.

You may remember a few months back, Fr. Garrity's heresy was published in the Archbishop's newspaper. Many Catholics took the time to reach out to Cardinal O'Malley to ask him to put an end to this scandal. Including Michael Hichborn's passionate open letter to Cardinal O'Malley.

The article was removed from the Cardinal's newspaper and his supervisors assured Catholics they would do all in their power to end his 15 year history of public heresy.  But Catholics familiar with Cardinal O'Malley's guarantee of protection are are too well aware that efforts of his subordinates to stop Fr. Garrity is an exercise in futility.

Nothing can stop a priest being protected by an archbishop. He will continue on full throttle he does something stupid and gets sued or printed in a newspaper.

In 2013, Fr. Garrity went so far as to blaspheme the Holy Family.

Fr. Garrity is taking advantage of the Church's long history of coddling and protecting priests and is completely out of control.

Knowing the Blessed Nativity has always been an opportunity for Fr. Garrity to blaspheme the Holy Family, I moseyed on over to his website to randomly open a few bulletins.

I call your attention to the bulletin dated November 29, 2015, linked below:

In it, Fr. Garrity once again implies Pope Francis is trying to jury rig the synod to approve of homosexual sex but his agenda was 'sadly' revised by imperfect and fallible men.

The plot really thickens in the third paragraph of this disgraceful publication when he makes an outlandish and erroneous statement that the Synod provided the Holy Father some 'space for a new look at the validity of second marriages'.

Besides being a heresy, this is simply not true. It is a...I hate to use the word, but it is a...lie.

He further suggests the synod affirmed the use of artificial contraception is not sinful as Humana Vitae is subordinate to a couples discernment of appropriate family size.

Fr. Garrity has given thousands of readers the idea that all couples have to do is decide how many children they wish to have and that makes the use of abortifacients acceptable to Christ. Another lie.

The seriousness of this dishonest assertion cannot be underestimated. He is obstructing these people from the absolution of sins which ultimately leads to the loss of their salvation. Not to mention the loss of his own salvation.

After reading his morass on marriage, sex and contraception, one is left with the impression Fr. Garrity rejects the Deposit of Faith in its entirety.

This man is robbing people of their salvation and has been doing so for a very long time without any consequence. No matter what Fr. Garrity says or does, his confidence that Cardinal O'Malley will protect him is manifest in his obstinate refusal to temper his obsession with publishing his own personal thoughts on the virtue of homosexual sex and the errors of infallible Church teaching.

After all we have been through, how is it that a Cardinal Archbishop could protect a priest whom everyone paying attention knows is doing terrible damage to the salvation of souls?

Faithful families have given ample notice to the Holy Father of the damage he is doing to Catechesis. He continues to empower heresy and apostasy. Notwithstanding how this sad situation plays itself out until the smoke rises again, it does not relieve Fr. Garrity's immediate supervisors and Cardinal Archbishop of their own duties.


Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

This all confirms what I read today in Mark Fellows book about Sister Lucia. She sure didn't think much of the bishops and talked about clerics who are "blind guides." Sad!

M. Prodigal said...

Michael Voris on "Spotlight"

For further items on corruption among the hierarchy:

Michael Rose" Goodbye Good Men
Randy Engle: The Rite of Sodomy

It seems it is pervasive and to the top. We have to cling to Christ and the age old teachings of the Church that can NOT change.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

I couldn't help but notice the typical "all are welcome" pabulum - regardless of "sexual orientation". Dare I speculate that sodomites receive Holy Communion sacrilegiously and with impunity?

TTC said...


I absolutely concur that use of that phrase there's a priest in the building who welcomes sleeping around and has absolutely no intention of doing what it takes to absolve sins.

BTW - I know I've mentioned this before, but it's worth bringing up from time-to-time: I think the word 'sodomites' is very damaging to the mission of leading homosexuals to Sanctifying Grace.