Friday, December 11, 2015

Vatican Invites Expert to be Greeted by Pope Francis and Give Lessons to Amplify their G-Spots.

I bet all hands will be on deck for this one.

Delegates will also discuss the amplification of the G-spot and the O-spot, a point behind the surface which experts claim is more sensitive to pleasure than the G-spot.

The delegates will also be greeted to an audience with Pope Francis and a walk with in the Vatican gardens, the Times reported.

They will then take part in a 'hands on course' which features operations on '14 live cases'.

I hope they don't project it on the buildings in St. Peter's Square.


breathnach said...

Hugh Hefner would have been so proud of Bergoglio.

Anonymous said...

After making women go gaga from this quack doctor feel-good's bedside manner and sexual manipulators - Then Cardinal Turkson can pass out condoms for some beach blanket bingo with all the arroused women stimulated by this super-charged theology of the body.

Father Shanley had to travel to Bangkok to find this level of depravity to fill his sex apetite - now it is coming to CCD classes direct from Vatican sexual experimentation. Democrat operative Donilon will make it matter of obedience to the bishop. We are no longer just "Talking About Touching" - the kids will be experimenting with this new Francis Effect on their g-spots for extra credit in CCD classes.

Don't they "get it" that this is the opposite of a moral and rational response to the sex scandal in the church?

Anonymous said...

This has got to be a joke! Or, the END is not as far as we can see!