Tuesday, January 19, 2016

He just can't get a break (for suggesting Lutherans can receive Communion, etc.)

Fun article.


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It ain't funny, because it's going on in Rome right under the papal nose:

Sandro Magister: Lutherans Given Communion in Rome after Papal Audience

[Currently available only in Italian; Google translation with some grammatical assistance by Steve Skojec at OnePeterFive.com/magister-lutherans-given-communion-in-rome-after-papal-audience (also see the item for his comments)]

“I ask myself: but we have the same baptism? If we have the same baptism we must walk together.”

That said, by the way, by Pope Francis, in a reply on 16 November to a Lutheran who had asked if she could take communion at Mass with her Catholic husband.

In a general audience on Wednesday, 20 January, the Pope has taken the same concept:

“At the center of the Lutheran Cathedral in Riga there is a baptismal font dating back to the twelfth century, to the time when Latvia was evangelized by St. Maynard. That font is an eloquent sign of a source of faith recognized by all Christians of Latvia, Catholics Lutherans and Orthodox. This origin is our common baptism … Sharing this grace creates an unbreakable bond between us Christians, so that, by virtue of baptism, we can be really all brothers … All, Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants, we form a a royal priesthood and a holy nation. ”

Francis this time took it further. Meanwhile, however, the Lutheran pastor from Rome, Jens-Martin Kruse, who had welcomed the visit of the Pope in his church on Nov. 16 and had heard the words, has already come to these conclusions:

“The pope has invited all the faithful to take responsibility before God, to decide according to their conscience if it is possible joint participation, between Catholics and Protestants, the Eucharist. There are no theological reasons why this is not so.”

Pastor Kruse said that in an interview to Zenit on 19 January. And on this very day in Rome, there are those who have gone from words to deeds.

On the morning of January 19, Francis gave an audience in the Vatican to a delegation from the Lutheran Church of Finland, led by a woman, Irja Askola, Bishop of Helsinki, accompanied by representatives of the minority Orthodox and Catholic bishops Ambrosius and Teemu Sippo.

But after the audience with the Pope, in the course of the liturgical celebrations that the delegation has officiated in Rome along with groups of faithful who came also from Finland, it happened during a Catholic Mass that communion was also given to the Lutherans.

This, at least, is what was reported by the Finnish Lutheran weekly “Kotimaa”, signaling the surprise of a member of the delegation, Samuel Salmi, bishop of Oulu, according to which the Catholic officiants knew very well to give communion to the Lutherans…

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Indeed, Carol, you must have had some prophetic intuition of the sacrilege that occurred in Rome today.

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In other news: http://visnews-en.blogspot.com/2016/01/the-pope-decrees-that-not-only-men-may.html