Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Romans are still not getting it...

I am absolutely floored that the Romans are still in the dark about why the Pope Francis show is being kicked to the curb by faithful Catholics.

Tornielli: Like Paul VI. who published the encyclical Humanae Vitae, there were articles with very severe criticism. But it is true, at the Synod, there was a moment of tension. And it seems to me that there is an organized movement, which uses all media, including the Internet, to spread discord and criticism of the Pope. What amazes me is that they find something to criticize every day. In this movement, it does not really matter what the Pope says or does. That surprised me a lot and this perseverance clearly points to a prejudice, because it has not taken into account what he actually says and does, when it does not fit into clichés.

Piqué: Can this daily critique of Francis, especially by blogs, who accuse him of being a populist, of being ambiguous, desacralizing in matters of doctrine and the papacy, hurt him?

Tornielli: If the criticism is not right, but on the basis of prejudice when it is systematic, even ridiculous, because of their insistence and their instability, they turns in the end against those who express them.

It is not a prejudice. It isn't the internet. It isn't the media.

It is the conclusions are children and loved ones are expressing after listening to the Holy Father.

If every day, a science teacher told the class the earth was flat, we'd have to make a phone call every day to tell her to knock it off.

We'd love a few months off.

But he has, unfortunately, God love him, made an enemy out of the hand that rocks the cradle. That, along with priests and bishops who take the salvation of souls seriously, we have enough of an army to cause them to retreat.

Always have. Always will.


Dorota said...

It is not only all the things you listed. it is also the current pope's consistent bashing of faithful Catholics.

According to his book, he walks into a jail and thinks to himself, while looking at inmates: It could have been me. - Somehow, being a spiritual leader of our Church, he mistakenly believes that people are predestined to commit crimes, rather than free and making choices. But that aside, he gives us a glimpse of his inner life, where he identifies with great sinners, sees himself in them.

I get that, I used to be like it, and that is why I left the Church for years, before I saw my mistake and came back repentant. Yet even immersed in that error of the alleged ONENESS, I also identified with the righteous, the fortunate and wealthy.

This pope has a deep-seated resentment and anger toward anything that is wholesome and prosperous, as though virtue were always fake, a result of the grave sin of pride.

I think that faithfulness to God may often lead to virtue and wisdom. Virtue and wisdom allow us to judge correctly, when we see error and evil. The right response to error and evil is not tolerance, not acceptance, not a warm embrace, not indifference. It is rejection.

Lovers of Truth reject error and evil. Should they be wise and kind, they will reject them with great sensitivity to each particular situation, but also with great determination and clarity.

Michael Dowd said...

How about a dose of Ann Barnhardt riffing on Papa Bergoglio in her sweet way? No one quite captures our dear Pope quite like Ann. http://www.barnhardt.biz/