Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Supporting Families with Small Children at the Sacred Liturgy

I recently came across a person who complained about parents giving their toddler children raisins and a book during Mass. The complaint was something like if toddlers can't hold their attention for an hour Mass and you give them a few distractions so you (and everyone around you) can pray the Liturgy - then they will grow up thinking Church is an amusement park.

That is way off of the reservation in the world I live in.

Toddlers are incapable of sitting through a Liturgy for an hour. Teaching them what is happening and reverence is not contradicted with reasonable expectations that are age-appropriate. Good parenting doesn't lay the a burden of expecting a baby to act like a 5 year old.

If you're bothered by a mother stretching the attention span of a baby with a couple of raisins and a book, you are a curmudgeon. And you are no prize to sit beside yourself.

This story also caught my attention today.

It's a great reminder.

Small children are going to have something to say to their parents during Mass or have a moment here and there. Most parents are extremely sensitive to quieting the child right away - and the children are usually responsive. Be supportive to the young families around you.

And the curmudgeons too!


Anonymous said...

How about

TTC said...

Morning, I would be interested in hearing your thoughts.

I thought the thing was ghastly. A child took a few dance steps during a homily. The tenor of venom is at the level one would address islam bombing a Cathedral at midnight Mass on Christmas Eve.

This is the unreasonable nastyassing that people use to character TLM as a gathering of sourpusses malcontents who don't like to dance!

Netmilsmom said...

The letter from Hipster Dad was a parable. He admitted on Twitter to this being a story of a female he knew. Skojec reacted to a man. There was a long conversation between the two on Twitter which told a bigger story.

This wasn't a parent trying to quiet a child, but rather a parent who didn't try to stop the dancing child or the crying baby. Through all the conversations on FB, it was made clear that certain parents believe that there is no limit to the amount of noise from children which should be considered unacceptable. Fair enough.

I think that we should have "Quiet places" for those who would like to go back to Sacred Silence in the Mass. Just like they had Pre-VII, when a child crying would cause action by a parent. People don't want to go into the Cry room with their children, I understand. Then make that a Silent place for those who would like that Sacred Silence and everyone is happy!