Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Jury is in...Practicing Catholics seem to be sitting this one out....

Pope Francis is no longer drawing the massive crowds that were so evident in the first two years of his pontificate.

You can't bring children to enthusiastically salute a Pope whom you know is misleading those listening because your own children might be one of them (if they are not already).

We've had to identify him as a person who does not faithfully or effectively or accurately convey Church teaching. Point them away from the contradictions being taught and keep Church teaching as the compass for making judgments on right and wrong.

Take a look at how the fishwrap describes victims of the deception circling our families wearing a fisherman's ring:

Catholics who have been resistant to the Jesuit pontiff's "revolution of tenderness and mercy" must be smiling. They have been terrified that his intention is to use the Jubilee to unleash a tidal wave of God's mercy and forgiveness, even to the point of allowing divorced and remarried members of the church to return to receiving the sacraments.

When we are watching our relatives and loved ones break commandments unrepentant with a license they got from Pope Francis, we have been terrified they might receive receive the Sacraments.

What nonsense!

This cretin goes on to claim we want God to forbid our loved ones from their salvation and we feel 'contempt' for friends and relatives alienated from the Body of Christ.

These peoples' greatest nightmare is that this borderline heretic pope, who never even earned a doctorate in theology, might be tempted to conform the church's doctrine to "the spirit of the world" and end up peddling "cheap grace."

This is not an exaggeration.

If anything, it's an understatement!


Felix M said...

I can't stand this pontiff but, to be fair, informed commenters are suggesting the numbers are down because people are fearful of terrorist attacks. This seems to be the case in other tourist centres in Europe as well.

(Wouldn't stop me from going to Lourdes, though. Great place to leave this earth.)

Michael Dowd said...

If we are the bad guys Lord save us from the good ones.

Anonymous said...

Nonetheless, practicing Catholics are not sitting this one out (and non-practicing ones even moreso):

by Peter O'Dwyer • ChurchMilitant.com • January 4, 2016

With only 24 percent of Catholics attending weekly Mass, and 60 percent of those regular attendees supporting homosexuality, this leaves under 10 percent of all U.S. Catholics who both fulfill the precept of the Church to attend Mass, and uphold Her doctrine on homosexuality.

The study does show a correlation, however, between Mass attendance and adherence to Church teaching. While 60 percent of Catholics in the pews accept homosexuality, that number jumps to almost 80 percent among those who don't regularly attend Mass.

Anonymous said...

Yes, terrorist attacks and the strain on infrastructure from the massive refugee crisis appear to have made tourists/pilgrims spend less time in large cities where fears are greater.

Anonymous said...

I have many disagreements about Pope Francis and greatly miss Pope Saint John Paul II and Pope Benedict, but am shocked that you call the Vicar of Christ a "cretin." I certainly am not a pope-worshiper, but such shocking irreverence is a sin against the virtue of religion.

TTC said...

The cretin is the author of the story linked to this post.

Michael Dowd said...

When it comes to Pope Francis "cretin" is charitable as it implies he is not responsible for his actions.

Anonymous said...

"These peoples' greatest nightmare is that this borderline heretic pope, who never even earned a doctorate in theology"...

...the author is squashing Bergoglio himself. Who is he supporting again? what his article is really saying is:

- Bergoglio is not Catholic
- I'm not Catholic either
- I laugh at those faithful Catholics who defend their faith, because I am not one of them and I love how this "borderline heretic" is trying to destroy their Church.

It's completely diabolical.