Sunday, February 7, 2016

Take-aways from the debate:

Take-aways from the debate:

Bush surprisingly won the night. Trump was close behind.

Christie wants to be Trump but he came off like a nasty chump.

Marco's well-memorized repetitious aphorism had the stink of Romney's old political team. Still, his answers on his murky immigration history set aside my reservations on that issue and did well in spite of a couple of good zingers from Chumlie. He has charism, he's likable, he's zealous and has a shtick.

Ben Carson is affable and smart, would be a good vp choice.

I cannot seem to generate any likability towards Cruz no matter how much I try. I hear an angry banshee every time he opens his mouth. The content is good but his delivery is awful. He could beat Hillary but Bernie the hippie would defeat him by a landslide.

Take Cruz's answer on waterboarding. He hesitated, squirmed but did finally explain that squirting water on a terrorist to save lives of thousands does not legally meet the definition of torture. Content was good but delivery did not have the confidence or courage of his own convictions. He was hesitant, squirmy, almost wimpy. The content was Popeye but took on the appearance of Olive Oil.

Voters horrified by eight years of Barack Hussein would be attracted to Donald Trump's answer. I'd bring back waterboarding and worse than waterboarding.

If we want to torture terrorists, we should force them to read Mark Shea's political and theological analyses, but I digress.


Anonymous said...

Rubio was great on abortion, wish they had asked all the candidates. Wish they'd ask the dems....

breathnach said...

Rubio will turn on the pro-life movement just as he did on amnesty and his support of open borders. He reminds me of a local shyster Massachusetts pol, Senator Brian Joyce, who began as a fire breathing pro-lifer, before election, and has morphed into a local Pelosi, across the board supporter of the pro-abort cult and the entire LGBT radical agenda.

David said...

I was disappointed with Jeb Bush's and Chris Cristie's support for abortion for rape and incest. Rubio was the only one who was unapologetic on abortion. I think Cruz would be pro-life and would appoint pro-life Supreme Court justices. I like Trump on the economy but don't trust him on abortion or homosexual marriage. Now if Trump selected Mike Huckabee as VP and deferred to Huckabee on matters of life and family that would be a interesting ticket.

Stephen Lowe said...

Almost every banshee I have met has been tolerably pleasant unless provoked. Please don't feed the banshees.

Michael Dowd said...

Good analysis Carol especially on Crux who has a machine like quality. To me it's still Trump against the midgets.

Michael Dowd said...

All the "contestants" except Trump seem to follow the ideological conservative script not wanting to say anything politically incorrect that would damage their bona fides. Trump, on the other hand, mostly calls them as he sees them. This is refreshing. This is one of the reasons Trump is winning.