Sunday, March 13, 2016

Spiritually-Dangerous Priest Hangs Mary Poppins in St. Cecelia Cathedral

This quite possibly is the most asinine thing any priest in the history of Christendom has done.

He's turned the Sanctuary of the Living God into an 'epicenter of cultural presentation'.

Get this-- the current chancellor resorts to the usual and customary chicanery of alleging what he's doing is permissible because there's nothing in the loosely-written thing called the Catechism forbidding him to hang a Mary Poppins from the ceiling.

He said he sees nothing in “the broad language” of the catechism that would preclude such displays as Mary Poppins being suspended from the ceiling of the cathedral

As if the Holy See could anticipate every moronic idea priests come up with and expressly forbid them.

They would need ten thousand scribes.

Thank God for the janitor!!!

Mark Kenney, 59, who grew up in the parish, had worked at St. Cecilia Cathedral for three years. Around 8 a.m. on Jan. 29, he went to a work shed, picked up a pair of heavy-duty bolt cutters and ascended to a catwalk high above the mostly empty nave, or main sanctuary.

He looked through a peephole, he said, to make sure he wouldn’t hurt any people. And then he cut a steel cable, which sent a suspended, umbrella-carrying, hat-wearing Mary Poppins figure crashing to the floor.

Kenney then went downstairs and removed a cardboard Buddha figure from the Nash Chapel, which also featured costumed mannequins from “The King and I.” He threw the Buddha out one door and proceeded to toss costumed mannequins out two other doors.

God's abundant blessing upon this man for his heroic virtue and bravery.

If the bishop was half of a man he would go down to 'St. Cecelia's' with a whip.

With the current chancellor, "Fr. Gutgsell" as a 'former chancellor' and this dame's description of the state of affairs in the diocese: Eileen Burke-Sullivan, a theologian and vice provost for mission and ministry at Creighton University, said she sees no problem. The cathedral and the archdiocese, she said, have supported the arts in Omaha for many years. , there's probably as much testosterone and sanctifying grace under that mitre as the Mary Poppins mannequin in the trash.

Here is his email:

Maybe we should each send him an email telling him what else he can't hang from the ceiling even though it doesn't say it in the Catechism.

Like his underpants.


Anonymous said...

The hanging of the Mary Poppins figure from the ceiling was stupid. The presence of an icon of the false religion of Buddhism was open, blatant sacrilege. But more of this will come, with indifferentism being proclaimed from the highest levels of the hierarchy. The poisonous fruit of the Assisi meetings (and Nostra Aetate).

Anonymous said...

Sanctuaries are been defiled,the Abomination of Desolation is upon us, the Worship of Man replacing the Worship of God .

M. Prodigal said...

Somehow someone got confused and thought the gorgeous cathedral of St. Cecilia was the Civic Center.

Jeremy said...

I just learned about this a couple of days ago. It is really sad that the parish priest and apparently the parish and diocese itself sees nothing wrong with hanging up Mary Poppins and Buddha. According to NCR, this exhibit was designed by Brother William Woeger, "a nationally known consultant in Church architecture and liturgy." ( That doesn't excuse the pastor from his role in approving of this.

Has the Archdiocese or parish issued any response to this? When I saw the article on Twitter, I posted an @ reply to the parish Twitter account "@StCecilia" ( saying that I would praying for Mr. Kenney. They immediately Blocked me for harassment.

I was curious if there had been any official response to this - other than the really strange justification given by Fr. Gutsgell. I'm not familiar with the Archdiocese of Omaha, but from a few google searches, they appear to be relatively Orthodox - supporting the pro-life cause and traditional marriage. The diocese I came from and my old "Catholic" high school was extremely hostile to orthodoxy - so I don't have a good standard to compare to. :(