Saturday, March 12, 2016

Ted Cruz's talking points on how to best help Syrian Christians.

This year's POTUS election has really turned to be a circus. One of most surprising things to me has been the chaos of Catholic leadership. Catholic hold tremendous political power in elections, as do the evangelicals. I don't think a candidate can win without appealing to a majority of these voter blocks.

As I've mentioned here numerous times before, I was shocked to learn of Trump's support in solid Catholic families. Early on, knowing the number and quality of catechized Catholics, I didn't hold much hope that other candidates would be able to overcome Trump's momentum.

Catholic support for Trump is not like anything I've experienced before. Usually Catholics rally around a candidate, campaign and write op-eds to garnish support. Trump's support is more like a silent deadly rebellion.

This op-ed hits the Trump phenomenon nail on the head.

The problem is, the eloquence of Weigel and George’s denunciation notwithstanding, Trump’s supporters are not misinformed or unaware of whom they are supporting. They know his many flaws and contradictions and they are not, sadly, merely waiting for illumination before transferring their support to a more viable candidate.

They do not think that a vote for Trump is a vote for what they care about or believe in, they do not even think a vote for Trump is a vote for Trump. Trump is the ultimate, insulting, offensive, protest candidate and his supporters are simple, old-fashioned, protest voters.

The very characteristics which make Trump grossly unsuited to be president are the reason he continues to attract support as a candidate.

Truth be told, Trump's message resonates with me each time I listen to him. Like most Catholics, I hate to acknowledge it.

I initially threw my support behind Huckabee and when he withdrew, supported Rubio. Though I know Cruz is now our best shot at knocking Trump out of the race, I've had some trouble warming up to him. I'm not alone as I don't see any meaningful support for him in the Catholic voter block.

I think that's because the political rhetoric and antics around his campaign is less than honest and ethical and the nastyassing is amateur. If Catholics are going to vote for a nastyass, they're going to throw their support behind the expert.

One example of Cruz's political tactics are his odious attacks on Rubio for being an enemy of Christians in Syria because he not vow to support the dictatorship of murdering terrorist Assad.

Assad is not a virtuous man who is fighting a war against the slaughter of Christians.

I do believe Obama's attempt to overthrow Assad is passive-aggressive assistance to islamic terrorists and for right now, the enemy of my enemy can serve a short-term purpose to fight ISIS, but nobody in their right mind should be asking candidates to pledge their support this monster.

ISIS has killed many Syrians but Assad has killed more.

More info on Assad HERE and HERE.

Would you make supporting Kim Jong Un a virtuous talking point in your campaign for POTUS and then claim those who do not support Kim Jong Un are enemies of human life of North Koreans?

Of course not, because it's ridiculous.

I loath deception and in Cruz's case, he's using it to paint a daily Communicant as an enemy of Christians. It is so sickening, I can't seem to put it behind me.

The US military is not a club you join for free tuition. It's the military power charged with fighting enemies of liberty and life of Americans.
The wisdom of the strategy to fight the enemy on his own territory seems to evade Cruz supporters.

The wisdom should be obvious: We don't want wait until they have conquered the whole world and are ready to take up the battle in Main Street, USA.

The error of withdrawing US troops from the Middle East should also be obvious: It has led to eight years of the ethnic cleaning of Christians and the enemy is now within.

Cruz's support of Assad results in support of his brutal regime of murder so long as the victims are not Christian. It is a chilling conviction of the sissified and selfish culture that's lead to the complete annihilation of our people in the Middle East.

This is a perfectly sound and legitimate position, based upon deep concern for our brothers and sisters in the Middle East. I've given this much prayerful thought. To see my own position labeled as an enemy of Christians is a fatal blow to supporting Ted Cruz.

The goal of supporters of human life, including Christians in the Middle East, is to strip the Democrats of their power and positions. Ultimately this means keeping Hillary out of office come what may. I do not detect support for this goal in the Cruz team which leads me to suspect they will help the Democrats retain power by waging an anti-Trump campaign.

This is not a viable position for those concerned about human atrocities against Christians.


TLM said...

I am at about the same place you are, politically speaking. Really, if you actually have been around as long as I have (:0) you figure out that even the people that 'say' they are staunchly 'pro life' and 'pro marriage' fail you every time they get elected anyway. The 'campaign promises' fade into nothingness. That doesn't stop me from voting as pro life and pro marriage as possible, but if they are 'establishment' candidates, they are 'owned' by the party, whichever party it is. If they don't play by the rules, they become irrelevant. The only hope we have in that area, is that a social conservative may be able to 'set the tone' and tamp down the insane out of control semi marxism that we see going on with someone like Obama. (Hillary would be the same) The Republican Party will NEVER even consider trying to pull of something so bold as to reverse Roe v Wade for instance. Not going to happen.

As far as Trump.......many reasons for him....first of all he is a non establishment person, and one big reason you see Mitt Romney and others trying to stop him from getting the nod from the people. They can't control him....he's not 'one of the boys'....not in 'the club'. The Republican establishment is collectively having a major nervous breakdown over him. And they don't like Cruz either. I don't like him either really, I went for Rubio, but even with him held my nose as he is being backed by the Establishment. This election is the strangest I have ever been through in my life. There is virtually no good candidate to vote for. Almost like we are between a rock and a hard place. We always vote early, and I had to literally FORCE myself to go down and vote, praying all the way that I was making the right choice in God's eyes.

One more thing.....what is so very telling are the Bishops who are (even if informally) jumping on the 'Never Trump' bandwagon. That in and of itself has many implications......disturbing. All these things alone almost want to steer a person Trump's way. But, all this said, IF it comes down to Trump vs. Hillary in the General, I will have to go Trump, at least that will be an easier decision even though again, I will have to hold my nose in the voting booth. Actually ANYONE who gets the Republican nomination, I will have to vote for, as I would think any faithful Catholic would as well....just my thoughts on a total MESS of an election year. I wonder how the Republican Convention is going to go? Sounds like it may be a mob action brawl.

Kneeling Catholic said...

I've had it with Ted as well. Perhaps you have already heard about his middle eastern Christian fiasco

Kneeling Catholic said...

Michael Dowd said...

Anyone other than Trump equals more of the same corruption between Big Government, Big Business, Big Finance, Big Media, Big Religion (USCCB). There is little difference between Republicans and Democrats in their general policies. Both serve at the altar of power and mammon. Trump may not be the best answer but he has given effective voice to real problems--illegal immigration and free (stupid) trade--which reduce wages and jobs. If not Trump, who?

S said...

The world, the country, the The DONALD. The guy is dangerous! I like that in a man. What Americans think they know about the goings on on the international stage is a farce.

Anonymous said...


Steve Dalton said...

Ted Cruz isn't fit to be POTUS. To see some devastating, but true facts about the background of Ted and his father , go here.

TLM said...

Voting for Trump is a little on the 'risky' side to say the least, but I think Americans are so fed up with the 'Establishment Aristocracy' that they are willing to take the chance. What they are in effect saying is that: Anything will be better than 'business as usual'.

Kasich and Rubio are now BOTH on record saying that if Trump is elected, they WILL NOT support him.........Um.....excuse me???? I guess they are willing to concede to Hillary? If this fiasco is not enough to show Americans that we actually only have one Party with TWO HEADS, I don't know what is! Oh, and now we have credible information that Kasich has accepted campaign money from none other than................GEORGE SOROS???!!! The Washington Establishment is a JOKE!!