Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Scituate St. Francis Cabrini Squatters Finally Tossed Out

“I pray that we burn forever.”

If anyone was giving lessons on how spend your eternity in the fires of hell, this would be it.

They have been holed up in a bunker outside of the Body of Christ led by the nose by local long-suffering apostates simulating sacraments for 12 years!!

While practicing Catholics in Boston are adoring the Blessed Sacrament, receiving the Divinity of Christ, these folks surrounded themselves with communist artwork and had a good long cry about the chip on their shoulder.

The absolution of sins and Sanctifying Grace can't hold a candle to this:

On one of many handmade quilts that hung on a sanctuary wall, an artist represented the Catholic Church as an iron fist supressing the innocent.

They are packing up the sob stories.

Vigilers announced plans to form a new “Catholic community” church in Scituate. It would operate outside the Boston Archdiocese...The new church temporarily will hold services at The Satuit Lodge of Freemasons in Scituate, every Sunday beginning next weekend.

Right where this show belongs, in a masonic temple.

I feel sorry for the parishioners whose emotions were used by a small group of apostates. Please pray the victims find their way to another parish. Having said that, I cant tell you the great satisfaction it brings me to see the leadership having to take their counterfeit church to the freemasons.

Burn baby burn.

Check this out:

"Terrence Donilon, a spokesman for the Boston Archdiocese, said..."

Terry still 'works' for the Archdiocese!

Do you think he had anything to do with this publicity stunt?

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Going to the Mason's ! Days a lot about these fallen's beliefs!
Wow. Would the Cardinal please speak and excommunicate these
People! Come on Sean!