Saturday, June 11, 2016

More Good News...

The heretical battleaxes have been summoned to the Holy See again.

News comes after pope ended investigation of nuns and a 2010 inquiry into ‘secular mentality’ and ‘feminist spirit’ within some religious groups

The Vatican has summoned an American nun whose Kentucky-based order has run afoul of the church in the past to come to Rome and respond to “areas of concern”, raising questions about whether the Vatican is embarking on another crackdown on liberal-minded US sisters.

This is why it is absolutely critical to keep the bishops feet to the fire when he's made clear he's going to support spiritual malpractice.

Continuing to pound your local heirarchs with the same waves of heresy your relatives are receiving in your school, parish, apostolate, newspaper, magazine - etc, most especially when they pretend they don't see the problem.

The order declined to provide a copy of the Vatican letter to the Guardian. But according to Global Sisters Report, the group has been asked to explain “ambiguity” in its adherence to church teaching and way of living religious life.

The CDF has not fallen to the counterfeit church!

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