Saturday, June 11, 2016

Pope Francis on "Assisted Suicide" (At long last, a sermon on the mount)

Here's a teaching he finally agrees with: Killing your helpless sick relatives is selfish false compassion.

Excuse us sir, but do you see how this judgment come from 'rigid this or that' teaching of the Church?

If the family of a sick person has to go to work, they make the judgment they are not capable of caring for their relatives. The sick person realizes they are a burden and nobody is going to take care of them - and together they decide its time to commit suicide. That's when doctors provide medications to carry out the act.

With all due respect, this is where your fable of 'able' falls flat on it's face.

Christ provided Church teaching to make judgments and all the Sanctifying Grace one needs to carry out His Will.

This is what the holy family has been teaching at home through decades of undisciplined heretical priests, nuns, lay people spiritually misguiding three generations of your people.

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