Friday, June 10, 2016

Pope Says if You're Using the Church to Draw Sanctifying Grace to Keep from Falling to Temptation and Sin - You are a Heretic.

The Holy Father further claims the Church doesn't have any binding teachings, just ideals.

Church teachings are just suggestions we should live to the extent we are able?

What exactly does 'able' mean?

If an individual sees some eye candy in the liquor store they are able to say to themselves "I'm not able to keep the Commandments today."?

If the woman conceives a child from the hook up, the Deposit of Faith that explains the Commandments is not a resource from which judgments should be made about the meaning of 'able'?

So much for the Magnificat.

I'm just going to leave this here:

"It would be a very serious error to conclude... that the Church's teaching is essentially only an 'ideal' which must then be adapted, proportioned, graduated to the so-called concrete possibilities of man, according to a 'balancing of the goods in question'...”
---Pope St. John Paul II, Encyclical Letter, Veritatis Splendor

The Holy Father then goes on to say that Catholics who use Church teaching for judgments are heretics.

Wouldn't you love to know why the Holy Father finds the fiat of the Holy Family so insidious?

Like Herod, he's passed out the swords and given orders to slay the children of Israel. As they wreak havoc in every home and family, he's sulking about the people who have fled to take shelter.

Seriously, this is completely out of control.


Michael Dowd said...

P.F.: “Do this up to the point you are capable.”

This statement is heretical in my opinion. What happened to the strength that God given grace provides to help us avoid sin? Pope Francis makes it sound like good intentions are the road to heaven when we have been taught that good intentions are the road to hell. Jesus teaches that we will not be tempted beyond our strength to resist. Therefore, if we fail it is our fault. Pope Francis is clearly wrong regarding our culpability in sinning. When we fail we must confess. Telling the priest that you we’re not capable of not sinning will not get you absolution. This is like saying sinning is not your fault. Doing this renders confession pointless.

TTC said...


You've hit the nail on the head: Sanctifying Grace does not come into play in the ridiculous suggestion that mortal 'ability' is to be the basis of judgments on Commandments.

When does the man go on vacation. Please. Go on vacation. Give us a break from it.