Sunday, September 25, 2016

More Evidence of the "effect" of Pope Francis upon the Church and family.

A plethora of Catholic writers could spend 24/7 citing examples of 'the Pope Francis effect' and we still wouldn't be able to keep up with it.  To some extent, all the theological bases have been covered and you wonder how much more we can say.

I often wonder, is he finished now?

Is there anything else in the queue really worth the all the labor it takes for effective theological deception?

When I do a reconnaissance of damaged consciences of relatives and friends from Pope Francis atomic bombs, he's scorched the two most important foundations of the family - sacramental marriage and contraception.  

He's drawn the line at transvestites and genital mutilation, but has, quite literally, explained he sees fornication and sodomy as virtuous and salvific and those living in sacramental marriages are in a state of mortal sin.

He's vilified the magnificat.

He's asphyxiated the sanctity of life by erecting and encapsulating the pagan god of environmentalism over it.  

He's blistered the practices necessary for sanctifying grace as antiquated.  

He's censured conversion of the nations with the one world religion hogwash.

He's licensed local wizards and harlots to teach erotica.

He's bamboozled the diabolically-disoriented into into receiving the Eucharist in a state that will cause the inner spiritual turmoil that drives us to disembowelment.

He's positioned the infidels over the territory of holy orders and we are awaiting their suffocating smoke.

I'm sure there's more where this all came from.  Every time I think he's completely devastated the vineyard, he finds a new territory!

 As we await the next bomb, I think its critical for Catholics to report what is happening on the parish and school levels.     That is how we will be able to effectively control the fires.

My assessment of the current status is, parishes are broken down into the following:

  • 1. most pastors whose consciences were formed during the St. John Paul II pontificate and are simply going to wait this pontificate out.  
  • 2. a small group who'd love to set up the counterfeit church but pussyfoot around, leaving just enough ambiguity to build a defense if called to the chancery
  • 3. a small group of wussies who would love to uphold church teaching but cave to pressure
  • 4. a small group of full-fledged lunatics

We can prevent family members from being sucked into the riptide of #2 and #3 by tarring and feathering #4.

You would be surprised how quickly word gets around that antics are public fodder for the blogs, and how effective the excoriation is in preventing pastors in #2 and #3 from trying it in their own parish.   They know the winds from Rome are eventually going to change course.  At the end of the day, they are careerists who are not going to fall on their sword for a cause.

Here is the kind of effective article I'm referring to.

Some poor slob has children who are watching Fr. Sissypants witness to the virtues of sodomy and they begin to tell Daddy the Pope said it's ok and natural and moral law he is teaching is some antiquated foolishness.

He gets Fr. Sissypants to correct the error.

Pope Francis sells secularism and immorality as virtue and the gay couple teaching immorality is virtue marches back to leadership positions to the applause of theological misfits in the pews.

Hatred and revenge is executed against Daddy and Daddy's children are irreparably harmed and likely robbed of salvation.

We have been experiencing this for decades on the local levels in places where chanceries have fallen to heretics, but we always had the Chair of Peter to at least make what was happening locally, questionable - offering the hope that some day they will again see the light.

Though we don't have that anymore, what we do have is each other.  We've got to build those voices on the local level and in the public square to build some kind of  bridge over these dangerous waters.  It is not as effective as having a Pope who teaches them faithfulness and truth but it is something - and we can save a multitude with this bridge.


Anonymous said...

Your version of With Burning Concern: We Accuse Pope Francis; A Joint Statement from The Remnant and Catholic Family News, by Michael J. Matt, Christopher Ferrara & John Vennari?

Anonymous said...

Oh NO he's not finished yet, he'll be apologizing Oct. 31st in Sweden when he travels there to "Celebrate" the 500th year Anniversary of the Reformation. Any coincidence that's the Eve of The Feast of All Saints? Maybe he'll give a lesson on praying to the Saints, lol.
The Reformation is nothing he should be celebrating, dear God, help us! This man has a few screws loose, what is he thinking?

Michael Dowd said...

Good summary of the bad situation Carol. Pope Francis has told us not to proselytize.

on this I can agree. Who would want to introduce someone to Catholicism with Pope Francis as our leader? It would like introducing someone to German culture at the time of Hitler.

FranR said...

There IS a group #5 :: an even smaller number of full-fledged faithful, marginalized and ostracized, sitting in the corners praying and witnessing to the True Faith, keeping the lamp of Truth supplied with the oil of Grace; able to be found by those who will seek and a witness that condemns the unfaithful. Pray for them!