Wednesday, October 5, 2016

I think I have popealaria

After reading another disastrous plane interview last week, I started to think that we might actually have three popes:   Pope Benedict XVI and Good Pope/Bad Pope.

I don't know about you but every time I see a picture of the Holy Father on a plane holding a microphone, I start hyperventilating.  I get queasy from biting my lip and a big wave of nausea overcomes me when I  read through the content.

I call it popealaria and I try to avoid a relapse as often as I can.

But he's like the energizer bunny.  God love him.

And then there a pope who does a complete 180.   A pope who speaks of the war against marriage, the culture that teaches the false temporary characteristics of marriage.

I'm not sure this pope knows the other pope but I don't think either one of them knows where the war is taking place, who the soldiers are and who is supplying the enemies with the weapons.

Your Holiness, good evening. Yesterday you spoke of a ‘world war’ going on against marriage and in this war you used very strong words against divorce, you said it dirties the image of God, while in previous months during the synod there was talk of a welcome towards divorced persons. I wanted to know if these approaches are reconciled and how.

Pope Francis: Yes. Everything I said yesterday, with other words, because yesterday I spoke off-the-cuff and a was little hot, are in Amoris laetitia, everything!

We've identified one problem. He needs a fan. When he gets on a plane, get the man a fan.

But there is a bigger problem.

Though people are continuously showing him the confusion he's caused by putting on a dog and pony show with known heretics in St. Peter's Square and authoring an ambiguous document that gives the enemies the weapons, he still wants to say the document is theologically sound and conveys right judgment and actions.

The poor man goes on to give an explanation that is like trying to follow the blades of a moving helicopter with your eyes -and then says:

I explained myself well on this, right?

No sir. No. You actually did not.

There's a whhhhoooooooooole lot of talking going on in the bunker but no listening. The sound of the chorus of people inside of the family who keep telling you that you are not explaining it well should be deafening. And we know it is deafening because it is coming from every corner of the earth. Yet you still pretend you can't hear it.

The family is surrounded by the enemy on every level of the Church. The bishops have been appointing heretics to teach catechesis to your people for decades. The infiltration of the enemy is at 95%. You've thrown sheep's skin over the wolves and send them into our homes with trash statements and we are in peril. We know you know we are in peril.

Here comes the other pope:

Josh McElwee, National Catholic Reporter: Thank you, Holy Father. In that same speech yesterday in Georgia, you spoke, as in so many other countries about gender theory, saying that it is a great enemy and a threat against marriage. But, I would like to ask you, what would you say to someone who has struggled with their sexuality for years and feels that there is truly a problem of biology, that his aspect doesn't correspond to what he or she feels is their sexual identity. You, as a pastor and minister, how would you accompany these people?

Last year I received a letter from a Spaniard who told me his story as a child, a young man, he was a girl, a girl who suffered so much because he felt he felt like a boy, but was physically a girl. He told his mother and the mom…(the girl) was around 22 years old said that she would like to do the surgical intervention and all of those things. And the mother said not to do it while she was still alive. She was elderly and she died soon after. She had the surgery and an employee of a ministry in the city of Spain went to the bishop, who accompanied (this person) a lot. Good bishop. I spent time accompanying this man. Then (the man) got married, he changed his civil identity, got married and wrote me a letter saying that for him it would be a consolation to come with his wife, he who was she, but him! I received them: they were happy. and in the neighborhood where he lived there was an elderly priest in his 80s, an elderly pastor who left the parish and helped the sisters in the parish. And there was the new (priest). When the new one he would yell from the sidewalk: 'you'll go to hell!' When (the new priest) came across the old one, he would say: 'How long has it been since you confessed? Come, come, let's to so that I can confess you and you can receive communion.' Understood?

Yeah. You are understood all right.

When we're on the road to hell, you fine gentleman come along to give us a ride. And as you ride by our grieving family standing on the side of the road, you roll down the window and give them the middle finger.

While parents and loved ones spend years explaining why the son's course would lead to the loss of his salvation, the local bishop waited until the mother dropped dead and then gave him a ride to gehanna, and you think the boogeyman is the priest who teaches what the Church teaches.

Let's demonstrate the spiritual malpractice by using examples from other Commandments.

Let's say the son had an itch to rape women. Would the 'good' bishop give him a ride to the scene of the crime?

Or let's say the son wanted to rob the bank. Would the 'good' bishop drive the get away car?

See why that won't catch fire in the crack pipe?

I would think these examples need no further explanation. It's a dud.

Life is life and things must be taken as they come. Sin is sin. And tendencies or hormonal imbalances have many problems and we must be careful not to say that everything is the same. Let's go party. No, that no, but in every case I accept it, I accompany it, I study it, I discern it and I integrate it.

Betray Christ with the kiss. Hand Him over.

And here comes the good pope:

Is there any doubt as to what I said? I want to be clear! It's moral problem.

A moral problem? It's an obstacle to salvation is what it is.



Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Popealaria is quite contagious! Achoo!!

Anonymous said...

I've got it too only, but my symptoms seem to be a jaw ache from clenching my teeth. I hate that I can't seem to trust one of these Popes.
What a joke, it's like SNL on the Popes plane everytime. It would be very sad if it wasn't so expected and there's no defense. He makes a laughing stock of the papacy. Just waiting for those gems he'll spew to and from Sweeden - is that clear?

Michael Dowd said...

Thanks Carol. I thought how good of the Pope to speak up for marriage. He must have forgot himself and his preening audience of semi-Catholics, heretics, atheists, Protestants, Muslims, and perverts of one kind or another. But he recovered nicely I am sure, and in his quixotic way, will carry on his war against Catholic doctrine and morality as vigorously as ever. The man is a complete fraud.

Anonymous said...

I feel ya'll totally!
Please pray for him and for a speedy return to a holy reverence for the papacy!